Dame Vera Lynn Has Died Aged 103

By Ben Hamill - June 19 2020

Dame Vera Lynn Has Died Aged 103

The wonderful Dame Vera Lynn has died aged 103. Best known for her morale-boosting hit “We’ll Meet Again”, which she dedicated to the troops fighting on the frontlines during the Second World War, the singer’s death is mourned by millions of people the world over, but perhaps most prominently so, by her fellow countrymen.

According to details provided by her family by way of an official statement confirming her June 18 death, the beloved singer, known far and wide as the Forces’ Sweetheart, will be sorely missed by her family, her friends, and all who so passionately revered and admired her and her music. She truly was, as proclaimed by her family in their heartfelt parting statement, one of Britain’s most-loved entertainers ever to have lived and performed.

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A Life Well-Lived

But the beloved English singer lived a life well worth commemorating and one that speaks of a due and proper biding of the time allotted to her. She as recently as five weeks ago officially became the oldest living artist to have achieved Top 40 status in the United Kingdom. And it’s an achievement that saw Lynn smash her own record when one of her albums re-entered UK charts at the number 30 position.

Dame Vera Lynn enjoyed a successful and flourishing musical career, which included her having sold more than a million records by the age of only 22. Great hits performed by Lynn include There’ll Always Be An England, I’ll Be Seeing You, The White Cliffs Of Dover, and If Only I Had Wings.

More Than Her Music

But Lynn’s wonderful gift of music aside, what the esteemed artist will be best remembered for is her wonderfully natured character, and her position on what it really means to be kind and brave. She six weeks ago spoke yet again on how simple acts of bravery and simple acts of kindness and sacrifice continues to define Britain as a nation even to this day.

Dame Vera Lynn was born in East Ham, London, in 1917. Her talent in music and performance art was discovered already at a very young age. Lynn was only 11 years old when she permanently gave up standard schooling in order to fully pursue a career as a performing dancer and singer. She was eventually awarded her nickname as the Forces’ Sweetheart after having been in 1939 voted an all-time favourite entertainer by British servicemen. She was loved, revered, admired and inspired by all who knew her.

But the most poignant show of respect paid to Dame Vera Lynn is without a doubt the words enveloped in one of the most significant speeches recently made by Queen Elizabeth. During the British Monarch’s recent address regarding the multitude of challenges currently faced by the world today, the Queen said: “We will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, we will meet again”.

And we will.  

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