Rand Paul Refuses to Self-Isolate After Covid-19 Test

By Ben Hamill - March 25 2020

Rand Paul Refuses to Self-Isolate After Covid-19 Test

Despite it by now being pretty much common knowledge that not everyone infected with the new human Coronavirus show any immediate symptoms (with some showing absolutely no symptoms at all, despite being highly infectious), there are still those bizarrely ignorant about how Covid-19 spreads. And it now seems as if Kentucky U.S. senator Rand Paul is one of those people.

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Senator Paul announced on Sunday that he had in fact tested positive for Covid-19. Whilst this is in and of itself obviously no crime, the fact that he had continued to work after having been initially tested, because of his personal conviction at the time of an infection being “highly unlikely” due to his having shown no symptoms, is worrying to say the very least.

Two Dozen At Risk Of Dying

But whilst some are of the opinion that his behaviour borders on genocide, others are convinced that he did no wrong since he had not had contact with anyone sick or exposed to others who are sick. What truly makes his ignorance to be positively ghastly is the fact that he has as a direct result of having contravened appropriate behavioural rules to be followed by everyone post-test, now put about two dozen other senators at risk and right in the line of fire. The two-dozen now at risk are in their 70’s or 80’s, which, barring a miracle, basically equal to a death sentence.

His refusal to self-quarantine based on a flimsy no-symptoms excuse has sparked immense outrage from within the senate, as well as form outside parties. Fellow-senator and Arizona Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema lashed out at Paul on social media, referring to his failure to self-isolate as “absolutely irresponsible”. Senator Sinema’s tweet was shortly after retweeted by Senator Martha McSally, who laid it into Paul too, saying that it is the responsibility of every last American to alter their behaviour when called upon to do so by a situation and that this ran right along self-sacrifice if that meant saving a life. No one is too important to abide by self-quarantine rules, concluded McSally.

Paul Claims He Did No Wrong

Former health policy advisor to the Barack Administration, namely Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, added his voice of judgement to the Rand Paul situation too, saying that what the senator had done by failing to self-isolate constituted his having just about done everything wrong.

What irked him most about the entire situation, pointed out Emanuel, was that Rand Paul himself is a physician and therefore should have known better than anyone else in senate what the appropriate course of action was at the time of his having been tested for the virus.

Senator Paul proceeded to vehemently defend what he had failed to do and the reasons behind his ignorant actions via a statement issued at the beginning of the week. He claimed that since various staff members employed as congressional staffers had tested positive weeks ago already, his chances of having contracted the potentially deadly virus had been no more than those of any of his fellow-senators.

The mere fact that he had gotten tested in the first place, concluded Paul, was clear evidence that the rules of quarantine were in any event not being followed to a tee by congress.


When did Rand Paul admit he had Covid-19?

Sunday the 22nd of March 2020.

Why did Rand Paul not self-quarantine?

He did not believe he was at risk.

Which state is Rand Paul the senator of?


Who was the first senator in the US to test positive?

Rand Paul is the first.

How many people could Rand Paul have infected with Covid-19?

At least 24 other senators and anyone else he came in to contact with. In the last 14 days.