First U.S. Debate Leads To Bolt For Border

By Ben Hamill - October 01 2020

First U.S. Debate Leads To Bolt For Border

If Tuesday’s presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump resulted in anything, then it’s a realisation among Americans that the U.S. is probably no longer the best place to be. So much for the land of the brave and the free. And Canada seems to be the next best option by majority consensus.

The first presidential U.S. debate sparked a mass upheaval on social media, with one user referring to the debate as a “90-minute commercial for Canada”. Making a beeline for the northern border seems to be the preferred antidote to everything wrong with the new United States. And Google, not surprisingly, was there to witness and pay testimony to the entire thing – with search results for move to Canada skyrocketing in the hours immediately following the debate.

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Two Different Worlds

What the debate also did was to bring to the minds of Americans and Canadians alike 2019’s federal election contest back home. Folks could not help but recall Canadian Green Party leader appearing alone on the podium because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasn’t in attendance. Also, not much talk of efforts geared at securing white supremacy for four more years.

This will of course not go down in history as the first year to witness Americans fantasising about packing their backs and heading north in the wake of political uncertainty. Who can forget Canada’s immigration site outright crashing on the eve of the 2016 U.S. election? Or how the same thing happened after Barack Obama got voted into office for a second term.

Canada Not Perfect, Say Locals

Even so, many Canadians were quick to point out to Tuesday’s America-leavers that life north of the border isn’t all fun and games – and especially not when you don’t belong. The experience of many people is that Canada is nowhere near the perceived “post-racial” society many love to portray the country to be.

Obvious from all that can be seen on social media is a general feeling of Canada being hostile to the indigenous people living in the Great White North. Canada and its institutions really actually want Indigenous people to go away and be gone for good, writes one Twitter user.

Condolences were also offered to everyone who knew and loved Joyce Echaquan, the Indigenous woman who died earlier this week in a Quebec hospital while being taunted by racial slurs uttered by hospital staff.

The message is clear: America may have its problems, but Canada certainly isn’t exempted either.

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