Uber for Boats Now In Canada

By Ben Hamill - July 20 2019

Uber for Boats Now In Canada

Fancy having a boat for a day or weekend but not enough of a die-hard boating enthusiast to actually fork out thousands of dollars for the pleasure of owning one? Then read on because the company referred to as the Airbnb or the Uber of boats will connect you to your very own boat in a matter of seconds. And if a paddle-boat or a canoe is more your thing, then take heart, because Get My Boat will hook you up with just about anything able to float.

Get My Boat has been around for quite some time, having launched as a boat rental service in San Francisco in 2013. The company has since added a glorious mix of rentals and services to its platform including kayaks, canoes, sail-boats and even a fun party yacht that comes standard with a fully licensed captain.

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As Easy As Scan And Click

The concept is very similar to that followed by Airbnb. The main purpose of the service / app is to create a network of supply and demand and to connect those who own boats and other water-bound crafts with those who are looking to rent.

Get My Boat last year expanded its reach and the service is now available in all major Canadian cities. The goal, according to Get My Boat Head of Marketing Valerie Streif, is to make water sports and general water activities more accessible to everyone without necessarily having to commit to something long-term as is the case when buying to own. Memberships are often overpriced and renting from the local peer isn’t ideal because oftentimes, especially during the summer months, there are week-long waiting lists for boats, canoes, etc.

More Than Just Rentals

Aside from the obvious everyday rentals, Get My Boat also offers special experiences on the water, for example a tour through nature – on the water of course! Its not even a case of having to be water-bound for the duration of the trip either. Many of the packages make provision for other activities too, such as leaving the boat to go on a guided hike.

In addition to the convenience of simply scanning a local region to see what is available to rent on any given day, its also a unique opportunity for owners of water vessels to make a quick buck. Owners are however required to ensure that their insurance cover is informed that boats and other crafts are being rented out via the service.

Get My Boat will in turn ensure that all licences are up to date, safety checks have been performed and those who claim to be captains able to navigate the seven seas and beyond, are actually trained and licensed to do so.

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