Trump In Possible Federal Violation Re Goya

By Ben Hamill - July 17 2020

Trump In Possible Federal Violation Re Goya

US President Donald Trump, ever the rogue scoundrel in business, appears to be setting himself up for whatever happens after the US elections this November. And judging by the zeal with which he now appears to be backing Hispanic-focused foodstuffs manufacturer Goya Foods, Trump isn’t all that confident of another term spent running the most powerful country in the world.

But the president’s Instagram post of an image of him seated at his presidential desk smiling over a selection of Goya Foods products (cookies, adobo, and coconut milk; among others), has resulted in more than just speculation about his post-Washington future. Since those in the employment of the US government aren’t permitted to use their positions in power to endorse products or goods or services, number one may actually be acting in violation of federal regulations. Again.

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Returning The Favour

The president’s promotional social media post went public only a day after daughter Ivanka Trump posted to Twitter a pic of herself holding a can of black beans – also from Goya Foods – captioned, “if it’s Goya, it has to be good”, alongside a Spanish translation of the same slogan.

Goya recently found itself dead centre in the middle of a social media storm after calls to boycott the company saw the brand trending hot and heavy on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. The outrage was reportedly sparked by Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue’s public declaration of America being blessed to be under the leadership of a man like Donald Trump. Unanue also compared the US president to his own Hispanic grandfather who had immigrated to the United States in the hopes of building a business to support his family.

The Goya CEO’s remarks followed Trump having signed off on a special White House initiative focused on helping the Hispanic community to grow and prosper.

Hurley Blames The Media

Trump’s public show of support of the Latino food giant however remains a probable violation of the US Code of Federal Regulations – regardless of whether or not the US publicly supports Latino-owned businesses.

White House specialty media director Carolina Hurley has in the meantime lashed out at the media in what appears to be an attempt to draw the attention of the public away from the possibility of a federal violation now being on the cards. Hurley said that only the media would stoop so low as to criticize Ivanka (Trump) for supporting a company that has been ridiculed simply for having voiced support of the current presidential administration.

The White House has yet to release a statement regarding whether or not the president will be called to task over the possible federal violation.

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