Trump Avenue In Ottawa To Get Renamed

By Ben Hamill - February 05 2021

Trump Avenue In Ottawa To Get Renamed

A street in Ottawa’s Central Park area may soon get the name change many residents have been banking on for a very long time. Those who live on “Trump Avenue” may very well have their wish granted now that U.S. President Donald J. Trump is no longer swinging the scepter of governance at the White House.

The Central Park street is located in an area that draws its inspiration from popular locations in New York – such as Gotham Private and Manhattan Crescent. The area is a quiet and reserved neighbourhood of Ottawa, and its residents not at all appreciative of the ridicule they have been made to suffer since Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. So embarrassing has the entire experience been for some of the 62 homeowners owning property on Trump Avenue, that many have taken to keeping the street they live on a secret.

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No More Fear Of Retaliation

City councillor Riley Brockington recently told a local media publication that ever since he fist accepted the role as councillor, he’s witnessed regular annual attempts to change the name of the street via petitions and name-change campaigns. Embarrassed locals have in more recent months increased their requests for a change of name, said Brockington, with Canadians in general expressing worry over what it might mean for Ottawa to hold on to the controversial street name.

Brockington however said he had felt at the time of Trump’s term in office, that it would have been somewhat inappropriate to change the name of the street with the namesake president still in office and in power. Trump’s misuse of presidential power has in the past incited extreme violence against smaller and/or marginalised communities, which Brockington said had led him to believe that the best remedy for the situation would be to wait until the controversial president’s departure from the White House.

Homeowners Have The Final Say

The decision regarding whether or not the name of the street should be changed will ultimately be up to those residents currently living on Trump Avenue, Brockington explained. Consultations are reportedly already underway, and in the event that 50 per cent (or more) of residential homeowners vote in favour of a change of name, a special task group will then be established to oversee the renaming process.

While changing the name of a street is no small task, and actually quite a complex and lengthy process, Brockington said he believes it can be achieved in time for Canada Day. For many, name-dump-day simply cannot arrive soon enough.

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