Behind The Justin Bieber – Tom Cruise “Feud”

By Ben Hamill - July 15 2019

Behind The Justin Bieber – Tom Cruise Feud

Anyone looking forward to betting on something like the Money Fight between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise is going to be sorely disappointed. It looks like all those reports about a possible feud between the pop star and the actor are all stuff and nonsense.

A June tweet by Bieber, in which he said he wanted to challenge Cruise to a fight in the Octagon, puzzled presumably everyone who saw it. The NN singer tweeted that any declining on the actor’s part would be a result of fear. He also asked whether anyone would bet on the brawl.

The tweet attracted mixed responses. Some commentators laughed it off as a joke, others speculated whether they were witnessing the birth of a new celebrity feud.

Speaking to reporters later, Bieber shrugged it off. He said it had been nothing more than a random thought that had been in mind since watching an interview with the Mission Impossible star.

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Cruise Nominated for Challenge

In an Instagram bottle cap challenge video posted in July, Bieber cheekily nominated wife Hailey and Cruise to attempt kicking a cap off a bottle. Before successfully attempting the stunt himself, he added that that cap could have been Cruise’s head.

The video sparked a second round of laughter, speculation, and despair. Cruise, who currently is filming Top Gun 2, has yet to comment on either the tweet or the bottle cap challenge video.

In suggesting that Bieber’s actions do indicate a brewing feud, some Twitter users commented that religion might have something to do with it. The singer is a member of the Hillsong megachurch, while the actor is a member of the Scientology cult.

The most likely reason, however, is far less controversial. It probably was, and always will be, nothing more than Bieber having a bit of cheeky fun.

Nothing Like Joan and Bette

Bieber’s tweet and Instagram video are worlds apart from infamous celebrity feuds such as the one that went on between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis for years. Said to have begun when a man with whom Davis was in love married Crawford.

When they worked together on the film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, things got physical. In a scene in which Davis’ character kicks Crawford’s, Davis allegedly kicked her rival’s head so hard, Crawford needed stitches. The actress had her chance for revenge when filming a scene in which Davis, who had back problems, had to lift her out of a bed and pull her across a room. Crawford wore a belt fitted with lead weights, and made sure the scene had to be re-done several times, which left Davis in agony.

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