Kerrisdale Class of ‘69 Opens Time Capsule

By Ben Hamill - July 13 2019

Kerrisdale Class of ‘69 Opens Time Capsule

Five decades after leaving elementary school, a class of graduates from 1969 returned to their school’s beloved halls on June 26 to open the time capsule they left there during their childhoods.

The capsule contained plenty of items relating to the time, but probably its most fascinating contents were the letters that graduates of Kerrisdale Elementary School had written to themselves in their final year. Once opened, its contents were displayed proudly around the school gym for current and past students to see.

Fifty years ago, the students were asked to write letters to their future selves – and their contents truly brought back some heart-warming memories for those in attendance this year. One letter from a Grade 7 student stated that he hoped that his future self had become an optometrist, while another stated that by 2019, its writer was confident that the skies would be filled with space cars.

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A Recorded Blast from the Past

Another fascinating item in the capsule was an audio recording from one Anne Walmsley, who says that the time capsule included an interview with two Grade 7 students from 1969. Throughout the tape recording, past students Anne and Scott shared their school experiences for their future selves to hear.

Young Anne described one of her teachers as a real ‘character’ during the tape, noting that one minute he can be ‘roaring mad’ and the next he can be as kind as a lamb. A few minutes later, young Scott is asked what he expects he will be like in 50 years’ time. The interviewer asks him if he will have a moustache and a beard by the time he is 62 – to which Scott says no – but when asked whether or not he would be bald, the tween noted that that was indeed a possibility.

PM Pierre Trudeau’s Letter Revealed

Of course, it wasn’t only the students who had added messages to the capsule. Iconic figures at the time like the school’s superintendent, the BC premier, the mayor of Vancouver, and even Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau all included writings of their own.

Trudeau’s letter highlighted all of the biggest accomplishments of the 1960s, and also offered a sobering look at the international strife and tensions of the day. His letter, which was written in the same week in which man took his very first steps on the moon, noted that the PM would be ‘foolhardy’ to predict the state of life on the planet in 50 years’ time.

The writing went on to say that Trudeau was sure that – barring a nuclear catastrophe – the amazing technological progress that Canada enjoyed over the half a century prior would surely continue, and perhaps even accelerate. Thankfully, nuclear fallout did not come to pass – but his predicted surge in technology most certainly has!

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