Not Everyone Loves Tim Hortons’ New Drink

By Ben Hamill - May 11 2021

Not Everyone Loves Tim Hortons’ New Drink

Tim Hortons, Canada’s most famous coffee and donut chain, is facing a great deal of criticism for its newest offering, a cold brew coffee drink. The chain is unfortunately finding out the hard way that the phrase “everyone’s a critic” rings true.

It all started when the coffee chain turned to their customers and asked them to help describe their new Cold Brew Drink. However, all did not go according to plan – the results were decidedly mixed.

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Sad Excuse For A Cold Brew

Twitter may be one of the world’s favourite social media platforms, but it’s also the platform where followers are able to most freely express themselves – a lesson that Tim Hortons’ social media team has probably learnt well now.

The company posted a video to its Twitter page on Sunday. The video featured its new cold coffee drink alongside a campaign slogan, “Fun to try. Fun to describe”. In the video, poet Alexis B describes the experience of drinking a cold brew from Tim Hortons as similar to when acrylic paints meet water colours. The caption for the video went on to ask followers to help describe the drink, which is currently available at participating locations in classic and vanilla cream flavours.

This is where things started to go awry. One follower tweeted that the poet’s description was pretty accurate because the drink tastes just like paint water. The user, @yesiloveme4940, went on to clarify that they meant that the drink tastes like the water they wash their paintbrushes in, and that the drink on offer at Tim Hortons is actually a very sad excuse for a cold brew.

Another Twitter users, @teaganrooney, commented that they have never been more disappointed by something than they have by the Tim Hortons vanilla cream cold brew.

A Few Positive Responses

On Monday, Tim Hortons announced the drink in a press release. The chain claims that the drink is steeped for 16 hours so as to enhance the flavour. It also said that the vanilla cream flavour is made with Canadian dairy, which naturally has a sweet, creamy flavour.

Some of Tim Hortons’ followers agreed that the drink could taste good depending on how it’s made. Twitter user @thecolinginter said that the chain is doing really good things with the addition of this drink. Another follower, @Zack_est_Trudos, claimed that they ordered the drink twice. The first time, it was made right and tasted great, while the second time was barely worth drinking.

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