Tim Hortons Explores The Millennial Market

By Ben Hamill - August 02 2019

Tim Hortons Explores The Millennial Market

The urban millennial is the new bread and butter demographic and eateries and coffee shops / bistros all over the world are slowly but surely starting tot cotton on to the latest secret of the trade. Consider the newly revamped Tim Hortons in King’s Street. Instead of popping in for a regular donut and Java, here you will find speciality treats and coffee the likes of which you have not seen anywhere else. Forget donuts with a jelly and custard centre (for the moment at least) and prepare to feast your eyes (and taste buds!) on flavours like hazel nut butter cream, maple bacon, blueberry hibiscus, and brown butter and sea salt. These are but some of the special new releases that make up the 12 “Dream Donut” flavours. Oh, and then there’s also something called Nitro coffee with which to wash it all down.

Its hip, it’s happening, and most importantly, says Tim Hortons’ Axel Schwan, its Instagram-ready. Because millennials are more about the social media-readiness of it all than what they are about just about anything else, including what a product is made of or where the ingredients originated.

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It’s A Fail-Safe Test

Even so, Axel Schwan is quick to add, Tim Hortons will remain Canada-focused, despite its readiness to cater to the particular, and oftentimes peculiar, desires of its millennial customers. The Kings Street store is the only store focused on designer-style coffee and snacks. The remainder of Tim Hortons stores will continue to offer the tried and tested old-school coffee and Timbits.

Even so, a store such as the one found at Kings Street does offer the franchise the unique opportunity to test the market for a more refined and upmarket range of treats and coffee. This is a fail-safe way of exploring what it would be like to venture into a speciality market without having to risk it all and then having to try and salvage what’s left of the “old” way of doing it when things don’t quite work out as expected.

Upmarket Is The New Way

Upmarket stores are all about luring a new breed of customer to visit a store that they would otherwise not have considered to be an option that’s right for them. And it’s a model of business that has long been employed by businesses all over the world, of which Starbucks is a just about the most applicable example out there.

Already offering just about the most expensive “per-cup” coffee on the market, customers now have the opportunity to sample special reserves of coffee from all over the world; or at least so the brand claims; at even more sky-high prices than before. And needless to say, people all over the world are falling over their own feet to sample the new line.

Why? Because Instagram. And because urban millennial.

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