Top TikTok Trends And Tags In 2021

By Ben Hamill - August 14 2021

Top TikTok Trends And Tags In 2021

The world of TikTok is a fast-paced place, and trends and tags are something which come and go – often, far too quickly for many to best make use of them. Some of these trends, however, have had pretty good luck with their staying power – and are still relevant today. For those new to the world of TikTokkers, the below five tags and trends are ones which have shaped the platform more than a fair bit this past year.

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Coffee Reviews

Humanity has certainly got a love affair going with coffee, and the ability to make barista worthy drinks was something we all craved during early 2020. When dalgona coffee took over TikTok, the coffee trend became a fully fledge thing which people the world over started to care about.

So much so, #coffeereview has over 12M views, with many users choosing to invest their time into giving said reviews to their followers. One of the biggest accounts to make use of this is @starbucksrecipeswithm who has just over 2 million followers that avidly tune in when her latest coffee making vids drop. Other accounts like @2truefoodies specifically go out and test the coffees in their LA neighbourhoods for their 71.9K fans.

Memes Of TikTok

If you’re after a trending tag worth checking out regardless of who you are, #memesoftiktok is a great place to stay for a while with over 6 billion views. The tag encompasses literally anything and everything meme related with plenty of laughter inducing videos to peruse. One of the top content creators who often use this tag are best friends @sashaandnate with 1.2M followers, and a ton of funny meme videos to check out.

Adult Swim Bumps

A beloved 2000’s throwback, the Adult Swim Bumps were how the cartoon network let parents know the late-night content being aired wasn’t safe for kids anymore with the adult swim [AS] logo shown after a short video of people usually in a pool.

TikTokers have definitely hit the nostalgia of this era and have been recreating the iconic clips with creative flair ending their take with the [as] logo. It’s a great one to use if you have some time on your hands as the over 3 billion views and counting for it mean it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Abs Challenge

Yep, quarantine belly is set to become a thing of the past if you’re following this tag. With over 801.8 million views #abschallenge is for those who are after some serious (and silly) motivation. The tag has top accounts which often post their full ab workouts, while others tend to use the tag to poke fun at their friends and themselves. Popular Spanish speaker @jordyescoto falls into the latter category.

Using Backyardigans Songs

Using catchy tunes on your videos from a kids show seems a bit cliché, but the show The Backyardigans seems to have swept TikTokers up in a time and era of nostalgic youth, mainly thanks to celebrities like Lizzo. Into The Thick Of It is one of the songs you’ve likely heard on repeat for many videos, while Castaways is another song that’s gone fully viral on the platform.

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