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Government Not Fooled By Empty Tech-Promises

Government Warns Tech-Giants To Step Up

If tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter hope to enjoy free regulatory reign in Canadian territory to the extent that they have up until now, then they had better shape up and start to take the value of the country’s democracy a great deal more seriously. And untampered-with upcoming elections, says Trudeau’s government, would be a superb place to start.

A new wave of stern warnings was unleashed at the start of the week when one of Canada’s top intelligence agencies dropped the bomb that it was highly unlikely that the upcoming election; the very same that will decide whether Justin Trudeau will indeed serve another term in office, would go down without cyber interference.

Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould addressed the media in Ottawa shortly after the concerns were expressed by intelligence services. Gould said that the manner in which tech-giants were going about their business in the haphazard manner that they have been, left much to be desired, and that government wasn’t at all satisfied by the scale at which various threats to a fair and free election process have been handled up until now.

Regulation, said Gould, would be the next step, albeit how unpleasant. She was joined by Minister of Defence Harjit Sajjan at the time of her having addressed the group of reporters.

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Facebook, Google Say They’ll Try

The fact that Trump is now officially accepted as being in the White House thanks to Russian cyber-interference during the 2016 US elections, with social media giant Facebook right at the center of the controversy thanks to its associations with Cambridge Analytica, isn’t exactly helping the tech-giant’s cause to avoid regulation and even possible widespread censorships.

But then again, CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s attitude hasn’t exactly been an indication of any realisation of the size of the problem. Harmful content and fake news are major problems and social media platforms are the main outlets and broadcast podiums for criminals intent on creating a completely false representation of reality.

Both Facebook and Google made statements to the effect that all relevant issues would, going forward, enjoy their undivided attention and resources in order to ensure an unhindered election in the fall. Twitter refused to comment, and remained ominously silent on a topic setting further fire to an already flamingly dangerous situation.

Losing Faith In The Voting Process

Perhaps most concerning of all isn’t even the fact that someone has already started to undermine the upcoming elections by trying to sway the votes of the public in a specific direction. Even more dangerous is that a situation may unfold that will prompt voters to not vote at all, because to their minds, votes no longer make any difference to an already-decided-on outcome.

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