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Tara Reid Sues Producers over Sharknado Slot

Tara Reid lawsuit Sharknado

Tara Reid, the Hollywood actress who features in The Big Lebowski, American Pie, and the B-list cult classic Sharknado, is reportedly suing the producer of the latter film for $100 million.

Reid filed a suit against Asylum Entertainment and SYFY Media Productions along with allegations of ‘false endorsement’ and ‘misappropriation of (her own) celebrity likeness’, according to court documents that were recently revealed to the public.

The actress who played April Wexler in one of history’s most infamously bad film series claims that a clause in her 2016 contract for Sharknado 5 says that her face would not be featured on products related to gambling, tobacco, or anything ‘of a sexual nature’.

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Terms of Contract Violated

Since then, no less than three different iterations of Sharknado slot machines have appeared: one online from Pariplay, and two others at land-based casinos from Gimme Games and Aristocrat. The developers of the games are apparently licensed to use the movie series’ assets, including images of its actors and live cut scenes as well.

Reid has also claimed that producers have violated the terms of her contract by signing a licensing deal with British brewery Northern Monk Brewing Co. The deal pertained to the production of a special Sharknado-branded beer.

Her lawsuit states that the actions of her producers were ‘oppressive and malicious’, and the actress is now seeking punitive and exemplary damages in a sum large enough to deter other production houses from acting similarly in the future. As mentioned above, she is willing to settle for no less than $100 million.

Reid Files for Injunctive Relief

This might be a hefty sum indeed – but Reid believes that it is justified. In her words, movie makers have earned millions in licensing fees from the creation of licensed slots, gaming products and alcoholic products, who have in turn promoted their products with her likeness and continue to wrongly profit from it.

As well as filing for her $100 million compensation, Reid has also requested injunctive relief. This would bar producers from ever using her image on slot machines or the likes again.

Court filings have revealed that Reid was paid $125,000 to appear in Sharknado 5, and another $175,000 for her role in the sixth film in the series, The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time. The actress has noted that she was initially wary about accepting a role in the films, because in her mind, it was a terrible idea.

Speaking to the Daily Star Online earlier in 2018, she noted that when she received her script, she thought it was ‘the stupidest thing [she] had ever read in her life.’ Imagine her shock, then, at finding her face plastered over Sharknado-themed slot machines and British beer bottles without her prior permission…

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