Harry & Meghan Announce Instagram Interval

By Ben Hamill - April 02 2020

Harry & Meghan Announce Instagram Interval

For the past number of weeks, Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle have been providing regular updates regarding their work as well as their personal journey via their Sussex Royal Instagram account. The pair however announced on Monday that they will no longer be using the profile. And that the same applies to the website that goes by the same name.

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The couple in their final post thanked the online community for ongoing support as well as for having inspired them to continue to do good in the world and for having shared that commitment with them. They concluded their post by saying that they looked forward to reconnecting with the online community again soon, and signed off not in their former royal capacities, but simply, “Harry and Meghan”.

Accounts Will Remain Online

A spokesperson for the couple has since confirmed that even though the couple would not be engaging in online updates right now, their Instagram account as well as their Sussex Royal website will remain online and that this will be the case for the foreseeable future and until further notice. The focus for the moment will be on their family, confirmed the spokesperson, and added that in contrast to what U.S. President Donald Trump had seemingly tried to propagate, the couple had no intention of relying on American taxpayers for payment of their private security bills, or any other bills for that matter.

Trump recently made a sing and dance on Twitter about how even though he shared a good relationship with Her Majesty the Queen of England, as well as with the United Kingdom in general, former royals Harry and Meghan will be expected to pay upon relocation to Los Angeles from Vancouver Island, B.C.

The spokesperson for the couple said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will spend the coming months focusing on family and working with their existing charitable causes whilst at the same time creating a future non-profit organisation. Their focus will remain on the Commonwealth, the empowerment of the youth, developing communities, and the promotion of mental health.

New Beginnings In L.A.

Harry and Meghan recently moved to Los Angeles with son Archie, where Meghan’s mother still lives. The pair caused quite the stir when they on January 9 announced to the world that they had a desire to live financially independent lives and as such, were collectively stepping back from all royal duties. After negotiations with the rest of the royal house of England, including the Queen, Princes Charles and William, it was agreed upon that they would be granted the requested independence as well as the ability to retain their private patronages. The only change was that they would forfeit their “royal highness” official royal house titles and were no longer permitted to make use of the word “royal” in their future branding.

And needless to say, as Trump would have it, the couple would have to pay their own way. Which was of course what they had asked to be able to do in the first place. 

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