SpaceX Keen To Provide Internet To Rural Canada

By Ben Hamill - June 24 2020

SpaceX Keen To Provide Internet To Rural Canada

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has reportedly applied to provide high-speed internet to those Canadians living in remote parts of the country. The company owns several near-earth satellites capable of providing lightning-fast internet to just about anywhere on earth, irrespective of how rural or how remote the end-destination.

The company has launched several “Starlink” missions and according to a statement posted to the Starlink program’s website, SpaceX hopes to expand its internet service delivery position to such an extent that by 2021, it will have reached a capacity of near global supply. As for the present year, the program will reportedly focus on Northern US regions and of course, Canada.

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BITS Application Already Lodged

But in order for SpaceX, or any other telecommunications or internet service provider, to provide internet to any Canadian region, the company will first have to have obtained what is referred to as a Basic International Telecommunications Services (BITS) licence. Said licenses are issued by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and basically authorises a service provider to provide and manage telecommunications traffic between Canada and any other country or countries.

According to data made publicly available by the CRTC, up to as many as 40% of Canadians, i.e. those living in far-out regions not directly connected to large city metropoles, are currently still having to make do with internet that is either slow or near non-existent, or expensive to the point of being unaffordable.

It stands to perfect reason then that especially during a time when more and more people have no other option but to either work from home or not work at all, an application such as the one lodged by SpaceX and its Starlink program would instantly garner the support of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians living in areas not yet serviced to technological capacity.

Connectivity Is Life

It should come as no surprise then that since the time SpaceX’s application for a BITS licence was filed with the nation’s telecommunications regulator in May, some 1,200 Canadians (and counting) have provided feedback – and mostly overwhelmingly positively so.

Having access to high-speed internet ensures more than just practical connectivity – its also a link established with the outside world enabling everyone to participate and be involved with the rest of society from a position of equal footing.

Equality is more important now than ever before in the history of not only Canada but of all of mankind. A program that stands to benefit those most disadvantaged and those most in urgent need of empowerment is bound to enjoy the support of the people.  

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