Smart Devices May Outpace TV Sales in 2019

By Ben Hamill - January 09 2019

Smart Devices May Outpace TV Sales in 2019

In 2019, finding a fridge that simply stores food might become as challenging as buying a television that only allows you to flick between channels.

Interconnected ‘smart’ systems are making their way into thermostats, refrigerators, cars, toys, showers, and nearly everything else in the modern home. Las Vegas consumer electronics expo CES 2019 is set to showcase many of these incredible tech products, including an oven that co-ordinates recipes and toilets that flush and clean themselves with voice commands.

With every new smart device that enters your home, companies are able to glean more details about you and your day-to-day life. Some of this data could be used by advertisers to target you with customized products and services, potentially far more accurately than they can by using simply the smartphone you have in your pocket.

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Consumers Welcome Modern Tech

According to executive director for the Center for Digital Democracy Jeff Chester, this is basically a form of decentralized surveillance. In his words, we are living in a world in which we are always tethered to some kind of online service that is secretly gathering information about us.

With that said, the convenience and modernism of such devices have been warmly welcomed by consumers regardless. Research firm IDC expects that 1.3 billion smart devices will be shipped worldwide in 2022 – double the number that was shipped in 2018.

The Consumer Technology Association, which hosts CES, is expecting almost 37 million Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other smart speaker devices to be sold in America this year alone. Some other gadgets that are projected to sell very well this year include smart watches (which are optimal for casino games on the go!), drones, wireless earbuds, and to a lesser extent, smart TVs. In fact, fewer TVs are expected to be sold in general, with sales potentially dropping by around 1% since 2018.

Smart Ovens, Toilets and Speakers

In the words of the CTA, total tech revenue in the US, including video and streaming services, could rise by 3.9% to a record-smashing $398 billion this year.

Other innovative products to keep an eye out for include smart ovens, fishing rods that create virtual maps of where you’ve found the best catches, the aforementioned intuitive toilets and sinks, and even intelligent washing machines. Whirlpool is currently testing an oven model with a window that doubles as a digital display, while still allowing you to see what’s cooking inside. At the same time, the glass can also show animations showing where to place a meal for optimal cooking.

The oven can even sync itself with your digital calendar and suggest recipes based on how much free time you have, and a camera can even zoom in on your meal to show you what’s going on inside without having to open the door. How’s that for futuristic?

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