Shania Twain And Harry Styles Dreaming About Collab

By Ben Hamill - October 14 2020

Shania Twain And Harry Styles Dreaming About Collab

Canadian superstar and Music Hall of Famer Shania Twain was hitting the highest notes of her career when disaster struck. Lyme disease would ultimately keep her from singing and performing for 15 years. But before that, she had already made a name herself as one of the first pop-rock-country music crossover stars, had made three best-selling albums, and had established herself as the biggest-selling female artist in the history of country music. And now she’s back singing and producing and living her best life, she’s interested in collaborating with quite a few young artists – most notably, former One Direction singer Harry Styles.

Born Eilleen Regina Edwards, Twain is the winner of five Grammy awards, and an absolute legend of music. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of her album The Woman in Me, the Canadian country music star appeared on British talk show “This Morning” and chatted with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby not only about the road to fame – but also that which lay ahead. And 26-year-old British heartthrob Styles soon became a central topic of conversation.

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They’re Fans Of Each Other

When posed with questions regarding a rumoured collaboration being somewhere in the pair’s future, Twain readily admitted that she and Styles texted about music every once in a while, and specifically, about the possibility of creating something together.  A self-proclaimed fan of Styles, Twain told Willoughby and Schofield how working with Styles would be something that she would love to do, and that in fact to her, it’s nothing short of a dream collaboration.

Lucky for fans of Twain and Styles, the feeling is mutual. Styles a few years ago confessed to being a huge fan of the legendary singer, citing her 1998 hit, “You’re Still the One”, to be one of his all-time favourite tracks. Also, so fond was he of Twain’s music and of his favourite Shania Twain track, that at a 2018 concert he even did a surprise cover of the smash hit alongside Kacey Musgraves.

Styles Not The Only One

Shania Twain is as carefully attuned to the world of contemporary music as anyone, and unlike many of her own contemporaries, actually enjoys roping in young talent for exciting and fresh new collaborations.

She’s always interested in working with fellow artists, explained Twain on a November episode of a popular CBS talk-show, last year. And also, that she would love to do collaborations also with Lizzo and Janelle Monáe – and has even written a song called Sisters for the three of us.

It’s just that Lizzo and Monáe didn’t know about the song – yet.

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