Charles Spencer Buys Property In Muskoka

By Ben Hamill - December 31 2020

Charles Spencer Buys Property In Muskoka

Residents of Ontario’s famously untouched Port Carling area have expressed anxiety following the news that Princess Diana’s younger brother has purchased a strip of forest land in Muskoka. Earl Charles Spencer and Canadian wife Karen have reportedly bought not only a luxury CA$8 million cottage on Arthurlie Bay, but also a large section of unspoilt property on a different lake in the Muskoka region.

Since Muskoka’s Silver Lake region is a quiet area and for many a feature attraction for exactly this reason, local residents are worried that the Spencers may be planning a busy development in the vicinity of the forest area directly behind it. According to a local news source, The Earl Spencer and his wife now own the biggest part of Silver Lake’s southern waterfront – as well as the forest behind it.

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Last Remaining Unspoilt Beauty

The Muskoka region is renowned for being home to the rich and very famous, with the likes of Tom Hanks, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, several NHL hockey players, and even Hollywood director Stephen Spielberg all owning properties on several of its lakes. Silver Lake is currently a last remaining lone exception to the celebrity-style real estate trend. Located just east of Port Carling and enclosed by private property, the area has no public access and is home to only a few modest cottages.

The property purchased by the Spencers spans at least 300 metres of shoreline and 20 acres of land. It is thick with scrub and includes areas of steep rocky terrain as well as a hemlock swamp located in a long depression surrounded by intermittent smaller streams. Other than a private access road, it is otherwise wild and, for the moment, unfenced.

The property has reportedly been owned by a single family ever since the land grants of the 1800s and has long been coveted by several big-name estate developers.

Summers In Muskoka

Spencer apparently lost his heart on the area after being introduced to it by his Canadian wife, whom he married in 2011. He in 2018 told a news broadcaster that they visit Muskoka annually in the summer.

Wife Karen Spencer, who grew up in Edmonton, went on to work as a model before founding a charity focused on early childhood development. According to her Instagram bio, she is proudly Canadian right to her very core.

Though reportedly registered in the name of Earl Charles Spencer alone, he and wife Karen are said to have purchased the properties together.

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