How Bumper Tables Are Keeping Diners Safe

By Ben Hamill - May 23 2020

How Bumper Tables Are Keeping Diners Safe

A Baltimore company has come up with a rather ingenious plan to get diners to keep their distance whilst engaged in eating and chatter at outdoor-style restaurant and café venues. Revolution Event Design & Production debuted their bumper tables – essentially inflatable tube tables – at Ocean City restaurant Fish Tales on Saturday.

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The physical distance promoting design relies on an inflated tube not unlike one generally used for towing in water sports, that has been attached to a frame that acts in the same way as would the legs of a standard restaurant-style table. Since tubes obviously have holes down the middle, these act as enclosures where diners are able to sit without worrying about entering into any other diner’s immediate space. 

Quite clever too (and dare we say fun!) is that there are wheels attached to the bottom of each table-frame, enabling folks to wheel themselves about in and around the dining area.

A Return To Safe Social Dining

Revolution Event Design & Production CEO Erin Cermak told a local news publication that the idea behind the bumper tables was to come up with a functional and fun way of keeping everyone safe and compliant with the rules of keeping sufficient distances, and at the same time enable people to once more enjoy social interaction in a festive and relaxed atmosphere. Preserving the social and party aspect of the event, said Cermak, was the bottom-line goal behind the design.

Aside from the festive side of the arrangement, bumper tables obviously have the potential of helping the owners of eateries and restaurants re-open shop without compromising the health and safety of their customers. Fish Tales owner Shawn Harman confirmed having, together with his wife, purchased a total of 10 bumper tables from Revolution. The plan, said the Fish Tales owner, was to eventually buy 40 more in order to ensure that the restaurant’s customers are able to enjoy their food without having to constantly be mindful of remaining sufficiently distanced.

A Product Well-Received

Harman on Saturday hosted a trial run for family and friends in the parking lot of his restaurant, proclaiming after the time the design one to have drawn a positive reception. Harman also told of other restaurants in other parts of the country having contacted Fish Tales for information on how to order the tables.

According to Cermak, Revolution can even customize the inflated tube tables based on the specific needs of businesses interested in purchasing them. Revolution also rents the tables out on a fee-per-day basis.

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