Canadians Need To Learn How To Trust Again

By Ben Hamill - June 15 2020

Canadians Need To Learn How To Trust Again

Canadians are known for a surprisingly positive stereotype; that of extreme politeness. But the global health crisis has even the politest nation on earth on edge. We’re surrounded by precautionary health measures promising to protect us form an unseen enemy. And understandably, Canadians, not unlike any other country or group, want to feel protected and want to feel that safety is being prioritised. Even so, the country is now confronted with an all-new enemy: that of the potential for division and major trust-related issues.

That’s not to say that most Canadians do not have confidence in the country’s public health-care system. Quite the contrary, in fact. But by the same token, a moment in time defined by an almost paranoid distrust of coughing commuters and Canadians of especially Asian origins will years from now be remembered as a moment in time to have shaped a country. Whether for better or for worse, is up to us.

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Trust Is More Than Tolerance

To put it bluntly, trust isn’t just about being patient with and tolerant towards all countrymen, regardless of originating nationality or levels of commitment to public health and safety. It goes much deeper than what can be seen at the surface. True trust is a life that embraces affinity – a quality that focuses the life of the human being on helping society’s most vulnerable. This is because caring for someone comes naturally when that someone happens to be liked and trusted by the individual tasked with the caring.

This is not to say that our country is free from irresponsible people. We’ll unfortunately always have those. Our trust does not have to be completely without boundaries or conditions. But what trust does require us to be is approachable and open – as opposed to approaching life from a perspective of guilty until proven innocent.

Stop Expecting The Worst

For a start, its necessary to rid ourselves of the negative expectation that everyone is ‘out to get us’ or out to be a complete jerk to us and to others. Assuming the worst in others creates a whole lot of tension and turns us into walking time-bombs just waiting to be ignited.

This is not to say that we should throw all caution to the wind either. Because honestly, concerns about being infected by a coughing fellow commuter standing too close for comfort are absolutely real and completely founded. The difference, however, between exploding and trusting in the inherent goodness that is to be found in human nature, is to instead of lashing out, merely taking a step back.

Its reasonable, but also, it doesn’t trigger or alienate. Friendliness is free, and there’s more than enough to go around.

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