Indiana Jones Collection Sets New Record

By Ben Hamill - July 23 2021

Indiana Jones Collection Sets New Record

Les David, a resident of Manitoba, has been amassing memorabilia related to the Indiana Jones franchise for the last 40 years. And in the process, he may well have collected more items than anyone else and will thus be eligible for entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Interestingly, David wasn’t particularly keen on seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark when advertisements for it began when it first came out in 1981. He says that the film’s World War II theme didn’t appeal to him, but he ended up seeing it anyway, as a favour to a friend.

And the rest, as they say, is history, bringing us to today, when David is trying to get certification from Guinness World Records that his catalogue is the biggest one on earth.

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A Love Story for the Ages

David describes his first viewing of the first film as a rollercoaster ride and it’s one he hasn’t seen a chance to get off in the past two decades.

His enduring affair with the American media franchise based on the adventures of Dr Henry Walton Jr, or Indiana Jones, a fictional archaeology professor, has been a thing of beauty ever since. The evidence of this can be found in the customised building on his rural property where he stores his vast collection of themed memorabilia and different collectors’ items.

A Collection Worth CA$250 000+

David’s catalogue has between 8 000 and 9 000 separate items from all round the world. It includes a little bit of everything, from costumes worn in the films to copies of it in a range of different formats, even old camcorders. This is alongside books, posters, and specially themed VLTs specially imported from Japan. David explains that the makers actually constructed each one specifically for him.

Assembling a stockpile of items like this is not just difficult, it’s pretty pricey as well. David is not 100% sure of how much money he’s spent amassing his catalogue which pays homage to the most famous fictional archeologist of all time but says it’s easily in the region of a quarter of a million dollars. He insisted that this is just a rough estimate, however, and he shouldn’t be held to that amount.

And the collection is sure to grow by leaps and bounds again soon thanks to the upcoming film, as yet unnamed, scheduled for release in the USA in 2022.

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