Backbone To Enjoy A Canadian Hall Of Fame Moment

By Ben Hamill - October 28 2019

The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame isn’t easy pickings. Those doing their thing on the local rap music scene will be the first to confirm the fact. After all, no rap song has ever been inducted into the league of famous songwriters. Until now that is. The special and rare honour has befallen none other than the affable Maestro Fresh Wes for his party hip-hop anthem “Let Your Backbone Slide”. Quite befitting since this was after all the track to have ushered in Canada’s early hip-hop movement.

A roster of Toronto artists and the tracks to have made music history during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s was recently published by the organisation. Various top tracks by local artists will receive recognition for having made a significant impact on the local music scene during the mentioned time periods. But it’s Let Your Backbone Slide’s inclusion that is making true local music history.

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This Was It For Toronto

In fact, so significant has the track’s impact been on global music’s bigger picture, that it is considered to the one track to have single-handedly put Toronto on the hip-hop music map. Released back in 1989 after having been co-written by Wesley Williams, aka Maestro Fresh Wes, and fellow musicians Anthony and Peter Davis, the track literally smashed billboard rap charts almost immediately following its release.

So well did the rap hit perform, that it ended up selling more copies than any other Canadian rap song in all of a total of 18 years. Folks loved it and loved to play it and it soon evolved into a local hip-hop wonder tune.

Other Inclusions

The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame will be hosting its annual honorary awards evening on November 21st. Let Your Backbone Slide is just one of many other songs worthy of honourable mention that is being recognised as Canadian heritage, and that will be played and honoured throughout the evening in question.

Other new inductees into the local music hall of fame include guitarist Domenic Troiano’s “Opportunity”, a song that was made famous by vocalist R&B/Soul Act Mandala. The classic and highly popular Rock Ballad “(Make Me Do) Anything You Want” has also made it all the way into the winners’ circle. Paul Naumann and Danny Gordon Taylor composed the hit back in 1972. It was initially performed by A Foot in Cold Water and was 13 years later revived by popular heavy metal act Helix.

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