Canada Joins The Push For Paid Content

By Ben Hamill - February 26 2021

Canada Joins The Push For Paid Content

Australia is no longer alone in its drive to make tech giants pay for news and other media utilised to their advantage. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday agreed to co-ordinate the country’s own efforts with that of Australia and of Australian PM counterpart Scott Morrison.

The two PMs spoke at the beginning of the week on a variety of related topics, including ordering social media giants to pay for journalism. The facts of the discussion were confirmed by a statement from Ottawa on Tuesday.

In addition to rolling out payment orders for online journalism, the two prime ministers also discussed the need to address online harm.

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Stronger Together

The strengthening of the working together and co-operation arrangement between Canada and Australia came shortly before Facebook on Tuesday backed down on a news and media ban it had previously introduced. The ban prevented Australians from viewing and sharing news on Facebook.

Facebook revealed on Tuesday that it would lift the bank following the striking of a deal with the Australian government regarding proposed legislation that would force digital and web giants to pay for journalism.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s siding with his Australian counterpart is a clear indication that Canada, too, will follow in the footsteps of its Australian forerunner. The announcement comes shortly after Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault promised to introduce legislation that would order big tech companies to pay the Canadian media for the content provided to online platforms.

Facebook Creates Mass-Panic

Social media giant Facebook last week created panic and alarm when it suddenly announced its decision to block news on its Australian platform. This had been a move in response to the passing of a new draft law by the country’s House of Representatives.

Facebook’s cooperation is already considered a major victory for Australia and its efforts to make the two titans of the internet – Facebook and Google – pay for online media and journalism used across their platforms. And needless to say, it’s a to-and-fro that governments from all over world have been closely following.

While Google previously made a big sing and dance of threatening to remove its search engine from Australia because of the proposed draft law, that particular threat has now apparently faded. The search engine giant has in the meantime been signing up some of Australia’s biggest media companies to content-licensing deals via its 2020 rolled-out News Showcase media model. According to the search engine giant, more than 50 Australian media titles have signed up since late last year.

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