Crown Cast Moved By Prince Harry’s Response

By Ben Hamill - March 06 2021

Crown Cast Moved By Prince Harry’s Response

Golden Globe winner Emma Corrin, crowned winner for her stunning performance of playing Princess Diana in the fourth season of award-winning Netflix series The Crown, says she’s moved by Prince Harry’s take on the popular show. Having seen the interview the prince had with James Corden, Corrin said she was particularly touched by the fact that he’d actually watched the show.

Despite the Royal Family having been mostly silent about their response to the show, if any, Harry last week told Corden that he’d much rather watch a show such The Crown, which portrays a fictionalised version of the members of the royal family and household, than read about the people he loved in false and purposefully deceiving tabloid exposés.

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No Pretence To Be “News”

Harry said what had impressed him about The Crown was that the show doesn’t propose to be news, but instead, fictionalises the story of the royals while being loosely based on the truth. The prince told Corden the show gives viewers a semblance of an idea about what life as a royal is actually like – including the pressures of always having to put duty ahead of everything else, even one’s one loyalty to family.

The prince added that he was much more at ease and comfortable with the facts and storylines presented by The Crown than by the typical stories told about the royal family by the British tabloids. He said he preferred enjoying fiction laced with truth in an entertaining, engaging way over stories presented to the general public as fact.

The “Not A Royal” Royal

Prince Harry’s take on the show is however worlds removed from the reaction shown by the rest of the royal family. One example of this is an awkward experience suffered by Oliva Coleman, who played Queen Elizabeth through seasons three and four of the show. According to Coleman, she once asked Prince William whether he had watched the show, only to be met by a firm and unforgiving no.

Matt Smith too, who played a younger version of Prince Philip during the show’s initial two seasons, has apparently had a similar encounter with Prince William. When Smith on occasion met the prince, he decided to ask him whether he had any advice for portraying the role of his (William’s) grandfather. William had apparently responded with a short and dismissive “Legend”.

But as for Harry, the fact that he’s even watched the show is considered a compliment by the cast of The Crown. Josh O’Conner, who won a Golden Globe for his role portraying the volatile and moody Prince Charles, said he’s absolutely “delighted” that Harry had actually taken the time to watch the show.

The Crown did win the award for best drama series, after all.

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