Pizza Hut’s KFC Collab Breaks The Internet

By Ben Hamill - March 25 2021

Pizza Hut’s KFC Collab Breaks The Internet

An exciting new collaboration between Pizza Hut Canada and KFC is being branded as an Internet-breaking collab. A recent tweet shows Pizza Hut going bonkers for a new cheese pizza that has been infused with KFC’s signature gravy and topped with KFC Popcorn Chicken.

According to the tweet, the latest collaboration is now available for order, with each slice of pizza containing roughly 410 calories. The item is being advertised as a special menu item only available for a limited period of time, and the coming together of two legendary flavours.

A 14-inch large will set pizza lovers back $19.99, while a 12-inch medium-sized pizza is priced at $16.09.

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Mixed Reactions To Latest Craze

Responses to the latest collab and creation have however been largely mixed, with one Twitter user expressing the opinion that the pizza indicates our species to be doomed.

Another person tweets how she had been busy for the past couple of days, but that she did make time to collect her new car as well as try out the new KFC Popcorn Chicken pizza from Pizza Hut. She adds that though the car is a lovely drive, the pizza was completely inedible.

Others yet, have expressed curiosity about the new creation, with one particular Twitter user saying that while it sounded like an “abomination”, they really wanted to give it a try. Even so, tweeted the user, they just couldn’t bring themselves as far as pulling the trigger on the order.

Pizza Hut Struggling In U.S.

Pizza Hut in August last year announced that up to 300 franchised locations in the U.S. would have to be closed down as part of a country-wide restructure by the struggling brand. Most of the locations since shuttered have been dine-in locations not equipped to serve a carrying-out customer base.

A spokesperson for Pizza Hut Canada did however at the time of the bankruptcy announcement confirm that there would be no impact on local franchise outlets. The person confirmed that since the U.S. franchisee that had filed for bankruptcy owned no Pizza Hut stores in Canada, the brand had not been affected locally.

In NPC International’s bankruptcy filing, the franchisee explains that it had reached the decision to close some of its dine-in stores in order to invest in smaller locations that would be more suitable for serving take-out and order-ins. And according to a statement issued by franchisee Yum Brands Inc. shortly after, U.S. carry-out and delivery sales had last year reached an eight-year record high.

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