Pharrell Williams Develops Condos In Toronto

By Ben Hamill - November 08, 2019

Singer-songwriter and recently also producer Pharrell Williams has tried his dab design hand at everything from sneakers to wearables. But his recent stint of teaming up with property developers to develop a pair of residential condo towers in Toronto is without a doubt his first foray into property development and ownership. Ownership because money and actual development because according to those in the know, the “Happy” star has had his say in everything from the interior design to the name of the condo buildings.

And on that particular point, “Untitled” signifies to Williams the idea of not having to live up to anyone’s expectations than one’s own as well as “the notion that physical space is only a backdrop”. All of this information came straight from the horse’s mouth during a video-recorded statement that was shown at a downtown media event last week. At the time of the event Williams was in Japan, but the developers have since confirmed that he will in fact be making an appearance on location come January next year.

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Pharrell Inspired Most Of It

The developers are making no secret of the fact that the bulk of the creative input has come from the artist’s side. The Toronto groups said that they had been attending meetings with the sing-star for the past year and that no design topic had been off-limits. Williams made it quite clear that he wanted in on every minor detail, including essentialism themes, the universality of space and how everything is connected to the elements as well as to everything else.

And if this all sounds a bit jibber jabber and out of typical character for an artist with a keen interest in fashion, then consider that Williams isn’t the first to have travelled down this particular road. The late Karl Lagerfeld before his death teamed up with a group of developers for a similar project titled Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos, which just so happens to be currently under construction in the very same neighbourhood.

Development To Commence In 2020

As for Pharrell Williams’ brainchild, so confirmed developers Reserve Properties and Westdale Properties, the two towers will be connected right at the intersection of Eglington Avenue and Yonge Street. The condos will total 750 in number and every last one will bear a signature design dreamt up by the artist and producer himself.

Anyone interested in living it up in true Pharrell Williams “fashion” will be able to state their intention to do so and part with an as-of-yet undisclosed sum of money early in 2020 when the development is slated to commence.

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