Why You Need To Keep Tabs On Browser Tabs

By Ben Hamill - January 01 2020
browser tabs

Time –sucks. Don’t you just love to hate ’em? And as far as prominent usurpers of available time go, multiple open browser tabs are the bomb. In a very uncool “da bomb” kind of way, of course. The “state of your browser” is very similar to the state of your kitchen. Having oodles of dirty pots and pans lying around all over the counter-top show makes it significantly more difficult to cook dinner than when starting off on a clean slate, so to speak.

It all comes down to our inherent inability to focus on various tasks simultaneously. We’re just not wired that way, despite the fact that we really love to roll around in the folly-full assumption that we in factual fact are (good at it, that is).

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5 Is The Magic Number

As far as maximum tab-capacity goes, 5 seems to be the magic number. Keeping “tabs on tabs” therefore involves limiting the number of open tabs at any given time to no more than a hand-full. This will not only create the notion of being in control of it all, but it will also prevent us from falling victim to the whiles of that ghastly foe that goes by the name of “information overload”.

A 2014 study shed a great deal of light on the logic behind “keeping it simple”. The test was performed on a group of physicians. The participants were requested to locate specific patient medical records among various open tabs each reflecting a different patient’s medical records. The outcome proved conclusive: those who had a limited number of tabs open at any given time performed the task in a much shorter duration of time as opposed to those who had before them the entire selection. Also; and this is significant to each and every one of us mere mortals; those faced with tens of open tabs at once performed even more poorly in the event that they were already feeling stressed in general.

The Solution: OneTab

The good news is that we’re not being left to our own devices to organise our tabs-mess. There are some pretty handy tools available if one were only to know where to look. Of these, OneTab is probably the most impressive of them all.

OneTab is essentially a downloadable browser-extension and how it works is that whenever multiple tabs are opened, the tool will automatically close all other open tabs and list these as “links” in a single new window.

Talk about a worthy and very valuable new best friend!

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