Online Thrift Revolution Brings In The Big Bucks

By Ben Hamill - February 19 2020

Online Thrift Revolution Brings In The Big Bucks

Thrift has officially gone digital. E-commerce sites have been around for many years, but their main target market didn’t exactly regard a second-hand pair of classic sneakers or even a vintage coat to be anything close to a “main attraction”. Top sellers trending on online marketplaces typically consist of new fashion, trendy gear and generally overpriced merchandise.

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But now that thrift has entered the online digital marketplace, thrifters are at long last literally able to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Its all thanks to the fact that there truly is an “app for that”. Online thrift stores are offering to thrifty shoppers the opportunity to buy away at their hearts’ delight. Everything from second-hand clothing to environmentally friendly luxury goodies to waste-not-want-not products can now be bought from the comfort of one’s smart phone. Money-saving bargains are proving a massive hit all round too.

We Love To Use It Again

 And that’s not to say that the world’s leading online shopping havens haven’t been doing their second-hand bit too. The need for second-hand goods and useables has been around for nearly as long as time itself, with many people preferring used merchandise to new goods for a wide variety of reasons.

But those in the know are quick to point out that the latest generation of online stores selling all things thrift are nothing like your typical eBay. Instead of being glorified online flea markets, the latest movement is that of offering to shoppers a convenient online store that not only overwhelms the user by listing whatever’s available by price or A-Z, but instead seeks to offer to buyers everything generally enjoyed by purveyors of new online fashion sites. Or in everyday language; you can choose your preferred size or colour.

It Works!

And let’s just say that it’s a recipe that’s proving a real charm. According to thrift-store market analysts, the definite revolution has been at the order of the day during the past 3 years or so, with the online second-hand fashion industry having grown at a pace of at least 21 one times that of the new fashion online sales industry.

Luxury second-hand (yes, this is a thing!) start-ups are currently being valued to being worth in the millions. Two examples of these are RealReal and Poshmark; each valued in excess of $1 billion. And really, this should not come as no surprise to anybody - tree hugger or otherwise.

Who can resist a good bargain after all?

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