Talking Food With Dream-Team Virtue And Moir

By Ben Hamill - May 22 2019

Food-Talk With Canada’s Ice-Skating Champions

Canadian ice-skating duo Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue know all about making magic on ice, but what about life away from the competitions and the arena? Ever since the ice dancing pair became known as Canada’s dream-team, Canadians have been speculating about what everyday-life is like for Moir and Virtue. Both are official spokespeople for food delivery service HelloFresh, and so it seemed like a good idea to pick their brains about food; the food that they love, but also the food that they love to hate.

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Casual Cooking Is Fun

Moir and Virtue both agree that nothing quite beats cooking for their families, especially when they’ve got some time off from the rigors of 24/7 training, during the quieter summer-months. Moir is obviously passionate about preparing a home-cooked meal and says that this doubles up as the perfect treat when visiting his girlfriend.  He also enjoys cooking together, and to him, this is an ideal way of spending quality and fun time together.

Virtue appears to be less confidence in her own cooking abilities than Moir, but says that she does enjoy preparing the odd meal for family and friends. And whilst this does not necessarily extend all the way towards throwing a full-blown dinner party, says Virtue, it’s still good fun; topped off with a gin & tonic or a glass of wine of course!

G&T Works A Charm For Both

But what about Moir’s drink of choice? He quite enjoys pairing wine with food, but according to the athlete, this involves only the basics, such as knowing to pair red wine with red meat, and white wine with fish or with chicken.

When not engaged in the artful act of cooking and pairing fine wines, Moir enjoys a gin & tonic too, or even just a refreshing cocktail in summer. When training, says the athlete, he prefers to stick to water and unsweetened ice-tea.

First-Date Food

And how about first-date food? What happens when the waters of getting to know someone new must be navigated with grace, food and style? Moir says that his first date go-to is without a doubt BBQ or Ribs! And if these seem risky on a first date, Moir is quick to explain that seeing that food is such an important part of his life, it’s important that his partner enjoys food every bit as much as what he does, and that includes a sense of pure culinary adventure!

Virtue, not surprisingly when considering things from a woman’s perspective, prefers to stick to no-mess land and will usually opt for something like pizza.

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