White House - Trump Not Tested For Covid-19

By Ben Hamill - March 11 2020

White House - Trump Not Tested For Covid-19

Having shown no flu-like symptoms, US President Donald Trump has not been tested for the Coronavirus, despite his having been in close contact with a group of lawmakers concerned about their own prior proximity to someone infected with the dreaded Covid-19. Even though the lawmakers in question have in the meantime decided to self-quarantine, Trump has for whatever reason(s) not been tested by his physician. This according to a statement issued by the White House earlier on this week.

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Press secretary and spokesperson Stephanie Grisham has however said that even though the President has not been tested for the virus, his physician will continue to “closely monitor” his health and general state of well-being.

The President is the epitome of health, said Grisham. Per the current WHO and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the president will only be tested in the event of his showing symptoms of the virus. Patient symptoms and exposure history are according to the guidelines the two triggers warranting testing.

Trump Refused To Say

Trump has been dealing with questions regarding whether or not he was tested following the confirmation of his having been in contact with people at risk of having been exposed to the virus in his typical dodge-and-avoid kind of way whenever the heat is turned up. Also present at the time of the briefing and issuing of the formal White House statement, Trump blatantly ignored questions regarding whether or not he had been tested for the presence of Covid-19.

Vice President Mike Pence said during the briefing that he could not confirm whether or not the President had actually been tested for the virus but that the official physician to the White House would be able to answer the question before too long. Pence, who happens to lead the presidential administration’s Coronavirus task force, seemed unsure of the situation regarding Trump and his possible exposure to the virus.

Exposed To Congressman Gaetz

What had sparked the entire thing was that Trump could be seen shaking hands with Republican member of Congress Doug Collins as recently as Friday during a visit to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Collins and Matt Gaetz recently announced their intentions to self-quarantine after it was revealed that they had come into close proximity with a person infected with the virus during a conservative conference in February. Trump also shared a limousine with Matt Gaetz on his way to Air Force One, after which Gaetz travelled with the president on the presidential plane.

In all fairness relating to Trump, it was only during the course of the flight that Gaetz had been informed of the fact that he had come into close contact with an infected attendee. Gaetz was immediately upon having landed, tested for the Coronavirus. Gaetz and Collins have in the meantime chosen to self-quarantine.

The newly appointed chief of staff for the White House, the incoming North Carolina Republican Mark Meadows, has also decided to self-quarantine. And so, the only one who appears to have every confidence in the virus passing him by is none other than the most powerful man in the world: the President of the United States.


Why has Trump not been tested for Covid-19?

The president is in good health and only those showing symptoms or who are unwell are undergoing testing.

Why are people concerned about Trump’s health?

The president has been seen shaking hands with multiple people, has come in to contact with lawmakers concerned about their own health, and visited the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently too.

What does Mike Pence say about Trump not being tested for Covid-19?

Pence could not confirm whether or not the president had been tested and left it up to the White House physician to act on the matter.

How many cases of Coronavirus have been reported in the US?

Over 1000 to date.

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