Plain Cigarettes Coming To A Store Near You

By Ben Hamill - November 01 2019

Manufacturing and selling cigarettes in Canada? Well then any colour packaging is a good one, just as long as it’s dab-brown. The colour for the new ciggie-season is popping up all over the nation on retailer-shelves and it hasn’t much of anything to do with a particularly plain and generic hue of brown being any indication of what is happening on popular product design catwalks. The idea was that of Health Canada, and by idea we actually mean it’s the new rule about to officially come into play on November 9. By play we actually mean force.

Going forward, all cigarette packaging will be required to follow the same format and colour scheme. No more logos or creative designs, packages will be printed in a single off-brown colour and all text printed onto the brown will be in – you guessed it – the Switzerland of colours; grey.

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Everything Will Look The Same

Packaging and general colour scheme aren’t the only aspects to have undergone the legislative scalpel. After November 9, all packaging will follow a standardised size and design format. In other words, everything will look exactly the same. No more pocket size designer style holders. One size will fit all, and all cartons will be created equal.

But Health Canada isn’t merely looking to spoil everyone’s fun. The idea is to strip cigarettes and smoking of its appeal; especially with younger people in mind. The less attractive a product appears to be on sigh, the less likely a child or young adult will be to purchase that product. The eventual outcome, according to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Rob Cunningham, is a whole new generation of children growing up not at all exposed to branded cigarettes.

Canada Is World’s Best

Cunningham, who is a senior policy analyst with the society, is full of praise for the decision by Health Canada. He believes that this positions Canada as being “the best in the world” when it comes to plain-packaging regulations. The efficacy of it all cannot be overstated, says Cunningham, having studied 13 other countries that have adopted a similar approach.

What’s more, by the time 2021 comes around, slide-and-sell packages will officially become mandatory in the country and the only legal design deemed acceptable. What this will mean is that Canada will officially become home to cigarette packages displaying the largest health warnings in the world.

Manufacturers will moreover also be prohibited from making any form of reference to colour or “filter characteristics” in the names of their products. This may mean that some brands will have to undergo a change of name on top of everything else.

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