Unicode Reveals Gender-Inclusive Emojis For 2020

By Ben Hamill - February 04 2020

Unicode Reveals Gender-Inclusive Emojis For 2020

The Unicode Consortium, i.e. the good folks responsible for each year greenlighting the roll-out of relevant new emojis, has just released some pretty exciting information regarding what to expect of this year’s additions. The fresh new 2020 batch will focus on gender-inclusive ideas and the freedom to live one’s own individual sexual-orientation truth. Various new skin tones have also been cited for future inclusion later on this year.

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Unicode has also emphasised that as is the case with each year’s new emoji releases, the emojis to be made available as part of 2020’s batch, will vary from platform to platform. What this basically means is that those emojis released for Android (Google) will not necessarily correspond exactly with those released for Apple’s iOS devices.

A Focus On Human Rights

But despite the differences on the various platforms, the central idea will remain rooted in issues currently trending, with this year’s central theme being a representation of sexual orientation with the specific focus on human rights. A good example of this is the announced inclusion of a transgender flag emoji. The idea behind the move is to better align the available emojis on all platforms with current movements and social progress in the area of gender-inclusion.

Sexual orientation discrimination is an ill that has plagued human society for as long as memory serves. It’s a basic human right to be able to identify with and live one’s own truths; and this includes the freedom to live one’s own sexual orientation. The recent announcement on the part of Unicode is being hailed as a massive leap forward and even more so because of the fact that discrimination continues to have a negative and even destructive impact on the lives of so many people all over the world.

Upholding Social Responsibility

Gender identity and even sexual orientation are integral aspects of human life. By addressing these issues on a global platform such as the one enjoyed by Unicode’s emojis, the consortium is bringing about a very necessary change in general mind-set about gender identity issues in general.

We who live in progressive countries often lose sight of the fact that even today, members of the gay and lesbian and LGTB community at large continue to be subjected not only to ongoing discrimination, but also to arrests, censorship, unjust treatment, executions and even torture and killings. Protecting the dignity and good quality of life of others is a global responsibility and one taken up full force by Unicode Consortium.

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