Rise in Homesteaders after Global Health Crisis

By Ben Hamill - May 09 2021

Rise in Homesteaders after Global Health Crisis

The recent global health crisis saw many people located outside of New Brunswick buying up large tracts of land in the province and working to become more self-sufficient. This was because the land here is very well-priced, and people can get a good start on becoming more self-sufficient without breaking the bank. Most have little to no experience with raising animals specifically or farming in general, but the steep learning curve is doing nothing to deter them!

Just take a look at Instagram or YouTube, where many of these homesteaders are sharing their stories with great success

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Cummings Sets the Tone

Ben Cummings’ alarm doesn’t simulate the sound of a rooster crowing. Ben Cummings’ alarm is a rooster, named Tim, crowing! And it’s easy to hear him greeting each new day through the flimsy walls of Cummings’ camp as Ben carries on constructing his greenhouse, feeding his chickens and rabbits, and tending to his garden. Ben says that homesteading is just a lot of hard work, and anyone interested in this lifestyle needs to prepare for that.

Cummings calls Benton, New Brunswick, home with a little spot in the woods where he spends his time. The village is tiny and there’s no gas station or store and the internet connection is very weak. But the young man and his girlfriend thought Benton was just about perfect and have accepted the challenge of producing their own food and living off the grid wholeheartedly.

He is one of a recent wave of people who are radically shaking up the way they live out in New Brunswick.

Advice, Livestock, and Supplies on Hand

Luke and Jill Coleman have a homestead in Hampton and have first-hand experience with Homesteaders. The Colemans sell them what they need and offer guidance to many of their eager-to-learn clientele.

Luke says that the global health crisis probably pushed many people who had already almost decided to pursue a more self-sufficient lifestyle to make the change. Belding Hill Farms, the place belonging to him and his wife, has many different animals onsite, including chickens, cows, horses, pigs, and sheep. The Colemans make educational tours of their farm available, something which has been very popular in 2021 and can be said to give newcomers an insight into what the Homesteaders’ success story looks like. 

The couple lives in a house built by Luke’s great-grandfather almost 150 years ago and supplies 100% of its own meat and a lot of their own produce. They’re keen on getting mushroom production started soon and want to set up beehives as well.

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