Netflix Releases September Menu

By Ben Hamill - September 02 2020

Netflix Releases September Menu

Cooler weather may be on an unexpectedly fast approach this year but lucky for us, Netflix has just whipped out the big binge guns for September. Not only has the year flown by, but judging by a content-packed September Netflix agenda, so too will the month that lies ahead.

Upcoming Netflix highlights include an all-new adaptation of a popular Canadian novel by Charlie Kaufman, a documentary series about the suppression of voters, a controversial French movie, and a couple of BBQ shows.

Herewith then, what to look forward to from Netflix this September.

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September 1 – 7

Saturday Night Fever (September 1st). Need we say more? By day a paint store worker and by night a disco stud, Toney Manero knows how to get his groove on.

Also on September 1st, Saving Private Ryan. One of the longest movies on the sit-through, but also one of the best military movies ever made. Saving Private Ryan documents the journey undertaken by 8 U.S. Army Rangers as they enter into full-on German-held territory in an attempt to save a woman’s last surviving son.

September 2 promises to have us drooling over images of smoky, juicy BBQ creations as we settle in to enjoy Chef’s Table: BBQ. And for those of us who prefer to spend our days on the edge of our maritime-adventure seats, September 2 also sees the release of all three Jaws movies.

Come September 7, we get to follow three people as they navigate drama and difficulties in the world of fashion in Record of Youth. And in My Octopus Teacher, due for release on the same date, we get to partake in a filmmaker’s journey as he befriends an octopus living in a South African kelp forest.

September 8 – 21

If you haven’t yet cried along to Lady Gaga’s A Star is Born, then September 8 is your chance to do so. And this is also the day on which super-hero kid StarBeam continues his mission of saving the day in StarBeam Season 2.

September 9 sees us learning how to organise our stuff and also our lives as we follow the advice offered by The Home Edit team. And on September 11 we get to hold thumbs as a group of selfish but determined pets set out to save their homes – with the help of a group of smart and organised strays, of course!

Then on September 21, documentary lovers are introduced to the tragic story of Latasha Harlins. Killed by Soon Ja Du when she was only 15 years old, her perpetrator is eventually found guilty of nothing more than voluntary manslaughter. He ends up serving no jail time at all.

September 22 – 30

Another documentary treat hits our screens on September 22 as we listen to real-life accounts shared by legendary coaches the likes of Jill Ellis and Doc Rivers as they share those rules that they found worthy to live by as they made their way to success in sports and also in life. The Playbook is a date worth looking forward to.

September 30 seas the release of the true-life story of Shannan Watts and her two young daughters. American Murder: The Family Next Door relies entirely on archival footage as it tells the story of how Watts and her children went inexplicably missing in 2018.

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