Bagsful Of Christmas With Netflix November

By Ben Hamill - November 12 2020

Bagsful Of Christmas With Netflix November

Netflix Canada’s November line-up is all about the magic of Christmas. Barring the fourth season of The Crown, a show about Brazilian drag queens, and the odd crime dramady, it’s pretty much a jingle-belling show planned for the rest of the month.

Here’s what’s coming our way throughout what’s left of November. 

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November 15 – 19

The Crown, Season 4, hits our small screens on November 15. The era is this time round the volatile 1980s – dominated by clashes between Queen Elizabeth and Labour Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and a stormy the stormy and tumultuous marriage of Prince Charles and Diana.

Another Season 4 coming our way is the November 17 release of The Boss Baby: Back in Business. With Boss Baby finally the actual boss of the outfit, and with quite the baby-love plan up his sleeve, he’ll be forced to bring his best game if he’s to outsmart the devious plans concocted by his enemies in a bid to finally bring him down.

November 18 sees Benjamin Bradley aka Mr. Christmas bring his best Christmas game while on a tight schedule to spread the cheer to as many families and communities in need of some holiday magic and bounce. Prepare for a welcome overdose of tinsel, lights and garland.

Then, on November 19, it’s time again royalty to switch it up as lovers are united and kingdoms inherited. The Princess Switch: Switched Again is a story of love reunited in true doppelganger style.

November 20 - 25

November 20 sees a species of aliens suffering of an incessant need to take whatever it is that doesn’t belong to them attempt the ultimate heist: stealing Earth’s gravity so that they can take everything else with minimum effort. It’s ultimately up to a small alien named X to stop the race of outer-space kleptomaniacs from executing their lazy but devious plan.

Fans of country music sweetheart Dolly Parton will want to jot down November 22 as a “save the date”. Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square tells the story of a female Ebenezer Scrooge-like character intent on evicting everyone living on her father’s land after he dies – and right before Christmas too.

Then, on Christmas Day, we get to look forward to a variety-style mix of Part Two of The Christmas Chronicles, Season 2 of Great Pretender, and, weirdly enough, “Halloween” – which tells the story of a masked serial killer on the run starts to target the one victim that got away.

November 26 – 30

Sugar Rush Christmas – Season 2, Wonderoos: Holiday Holiday!, and Spookley and the Christmas Kittens sees us enjoying the last of the Christmas magic planned for November.

Thrown in amidst all that Christmassy cheer during the final days of the month we also get to embark on a sorcery-seeking journey alongside the famed Doctor Strange as he sets off in search of the Ancient One and the healing of his injured hands. He comes away with much more than just physical restoration. That’s Doctor Strange – coming our way on November 30.

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