Netflix Wants To Make Big Films By Big Names

By Ben Hamill - August 05 2020

Netflix Wants To Make Big Films By Big Names

According to its VP of original films, Netflix is eager to pursue new ideas and in future create exciting new Jumanji-type content with the help of big-name directors. These are just some of the thoughts shared by Netflix’s Tendo Nagenda regarding how the content streaming giant sees its future playing out.

Instead of sticking to documentary-style originals, Netflix now hopes to dabble in getting into big-audience, PG-rated, adventure-style films, said Nagenda, who then went on to name the first Star Wars as Harry Potter movies of examples of the type of content Netflix hopes to create in future. Netflix is apparently a firm believer in the power of in-house imagination and storylines not necessarily exclusively based on books. George Lucas created the Star Wars franchise, said the VP, as opposed to a common misconception that it was created after someone batted about a few ideas based on an existing concept contained in a book.

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Netflix Wants Nolan, Tarantino

As for the variety of director the streaming giant hopes to attract, Netflix is apparently a big fan of Inglorious Basterds director Quentin Tarantino – not to mention Jordan Peele (Get Out) and Christopher Nolan (Inception).

Netflix is according to Nagenda committed toward drawing into its own talent pool some of the really big names making waves in the industry. The idea is to work with people like Peele and Nolan “early on”, said the VP, after which the hope is that “they” will eventually agree to making movies exclusively for Netflix only.

This is of course in stark contrast with Nolan having as recently as 2017 told a prominent movie news page that he personally would “never” work alongside Netflix. This, said Nolan at the time of the interview, was Netflix’s own doing and the result of the streaming giant’s hostile attitude towards the typical movie showed in the typical movie theatre.

The Tide Is Turning

But a lot has changed in the past 3 years. Netflix did after all not too long-ago reel into its fold one of the industry’s biggest movie-making fish when it agreed to finance the making of acclaimed director Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman”.

And so perhaps the idea of Netflix fully immersing itself into the business of moviemaking isn’t that far-fetched after all. The Irishman, for one, has since its release climbed the Netflix popularity charts all the way to the top. And so, all things considered, there may be convincing the likes of Nolan and Peele and Tarantino yet.

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