Netflix Using Cues from The Adult Entertainment Industry

By Ben Hamill - February 04, 2020

Netflix Using Cues from The Adult Entertainment Industry

Video streaming giants Netflix, Amazon Prime and even YouTube are coaxing people into watching their content on an ongoing and near-obsessive schedule by taking the cue from what the adult entertainment industry is doing. This according to University of Toronto Associate Professor Patrick Keilty. That sites like Netflix is deploying the cunning schemes generally employed by the multi-billion dollar a year adult entertainment industry is both shocking, as well as unexpectedly appalling. And yet, it’s a strategy that has served the world-wide porn industry for many years and one that will in all likelihood not be binned anytime soon.

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Keilty is specifically interested in the dynamics and culture of the adult entertainment industry and has been studying its business approach and technology policies for many years. The Toronto associate professor is also the archives director of the Sexual Representation Collection at the university’s Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies and as such, is just about the most informed voice on the topic at hand.

Creating Desire On Purpose

Pornography sites are all about customer retention; not unlike the majority of big corporate giants in any imaginable field of commerce. The strategy is to create what Keilty describes in his article “Desire by design: pornography as technology industry” an “immersive viewing experience” where the aim is absolutely centered around keeping viewers engaged and subscribed for the longest possible periods of time.

The idea that technological success is rooted in absolute Google-style minimalism is essentially flawed, writes Keilty in his article. The actual truth of the matter is that viewers are more attracted to a constant stream of chaotic chaos than to order and simplicity. Keilty then goes on to compare the chaos to the experience of walking through and browsing a typical store.

The Similarities Are Uncanny

The adult entertainment industry achieves this retention of viewers for longer periods of time by making use of animated and interesting pop-ups and advertisements. Unlike your typical advertisement-style interruptive pop-ups, those utilised by the adult entertainment industry move and glow and create a definite sense of curiosity.

These pop-ups are identifiable in style and appearance. The only difference is that they are now no longer unique, but are being implemented by video streaming giants like Netflix in the mainstream entertainment media. Some of the mainstream messages and techniques seemingly introduced first-off by sites like Amazon and Netflix; with a great example being the ‘customers who bought this also bought this’ trick; were in reality used right from the very early days of the adult entertainment industry, points out Keilty in his revealing article.

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