Netflix Pride Event To Include Canadian A-Listers

By Ben Hamill - June 29 2020

Netflix Pride Event To Include Canadian A-Listers

Since we’re each of us part of a re-invigorated digital revolution, we’re basically doing online what we used to be able to enjoy in person. And that includes this year’s Pride festivities on Netflix. The streaming giant has announced that it plans on celebrating the last days of June with an out-and-proud LGBTQ+ shebang: drag performers, television personalities, social media influencers, musicians, and an assortment of LGBTQ+ icons all participating in one fantastically big virtual Pride event scheduled for June 30.

Best of all is that there are quite a few Canadians who will this year by Pride-ing along as part of Netflix’s virtual event for “reflection & celebration”. Antoni Porowski (Queer Eye), comedian Mae Martin (Feel Good), and TikTok personality Boman @Bomanizer Martinez-Reid are just some of the Canadians getting ready to join the Netflix parade. 

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We’re All Watching The Paint Dry

Reid is of course a highlight all on his own. He went viral earlier this year for his reality television-style mock tv-star videos. During an April interview with a Canadian online media publication, Reid described the motivation behind his hilarious video clips as being that of wanting to support his 1.3 million TikTok followers to find the remedy of humour in the midst of what the Canadian describes as being one of the “darkest” times modern-man may ever have to live through.

Says Reid, there’s always something to laugh about, no matter how serious or dark the situation. And since it’s definitely more helpful and constructive to laugh than to crawl into a hole of depression and anxiety, Reid’s ‘Life Right Now’ focuses not on the crisis but instead on the absurdities of what life at this present moment has become. That we’re pretty much all stuck on the inside and watching the paint dry on the outside, says Reid, is the type of stuff he finds really funny.

Netflix Joins The Justice Fight

Netflix has stated its intent behind the event as that of a desire to encourage viewers to support and take action on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community, and to do this with resolve during a time that will go down in history as one remembered for a spirit of social uprising and change.

This, against the background context of the Black Lives Matter movement, is according to the streaming giant an opportunity to fight for social and racial justice for everyone. Reid will be joined by several other big-name entertainers and personalities, including Hannah Gadsby (famous for her poignant comedy specials Nanette and Douglas), country music sweetheart and legendary musician Dolly Parton, Chaka Khan, and many more.

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