New Shows Coming To Netflix In August

By Ben Hamill - July 30 2020

New Shows Coming To Netflix In August

Netflix is going about this coming August in a cutting-and-pasting kind of way, and so some binge-worthy content won’t be available for much longer. Lucky for us, the streaming giant is at the same time bringing back quite a few all-time favourites in the movie department, as well as a bunch of interesting docu-series and documentaries.

August seems to be shaping up to be a month a whole lot less about marathon weekend-binges and more focused on bringing back the classics. Here’s just some of what’s incoming on Netflix Canada this coming month.

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Gone Baby Gone

Arriving on the first day of August, Gone Baby Gone starring Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris tells the story of two detectives from Boston investigating the kidnapping of a young girl. But this is no ordinary sequence of typical kidnapping-style events, as the kidnapping soon turns into not only a professional challenge (catching the culprit, bringing the child back alive, etc.), but also a full-on personal crisis.


Also due to come our way on the 1st day of August, Lawless follows the true-life drama of how Virginia’s Bondurant brothers, a pair of expert and prolific bootleggers, became the ultimate outlaws ruing the incriminating Prohibition era.

What makes Lawless especially interesting is that it tells a story of poignant historical value – highlighting society’s horrendously double standards.

Bring It On

Come August 5 we get to feast our eyes on a bit of cheerleading action. A real feel-good-movie from Universal Studios, Bring It On follows a gang of champion high-school cheerleaders as they discover their previous captain to have stolen all of their most impressive routines. They must then come up with even more impressive cheerleading-moves so as to ensure they remain competitive and unique at the upcoming current year’s championships.

Bring It On fans will rejoice in the knowledge that all the Bring It On sequels are also being released on August 5. These include Bring It On Again, Bring It On: All or Nothing, Bring It On: Fight to the Finish, and Bring It On: In It To Win It. A right movie binge-fest, if ever there were such a thing!

Mirror Mirror

Halfway into August we get to enjoy a remake of Grimm’s classic Snow White. Mirror Mirror follows Snow White as she embarks on a journey to regain her royal stature and throne. She is assisted on her quest by a bunch of dwarves like we’ve never experienced The Seven Dwarves before. Thieving, shady, and best of all, enormously entertaining.

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