There’s No Getting Rebecca Peggy Down

By Ben Hamill - April 16 2021

There’s No Getting Rebecca Peggy Down

They may be inspired by the wonderful flavours and layers of Caribbean cuisine, but Guyanese-born Canadian businesswomen Rebecca Peggy’s products are as local and home-grown as they come. Peggy, who is better known as “Miss P”, has never let anything get her down, as says she’s not about to start now the world’s battling a global health catastrophe – hence the birth of her new delicious line of products.

Referred to by all who know and adore her as a serial entrepreneur, Peggy says she’s lived through many a crisis and hardship, including 9/11 and several economic recessions. None of those have stopped her from coming up with great new business ideas, with her latest possibly her best yet. And even though the products created by Ready To Go Foods Inc. may “taste like home”, says Miss P, and are inspired by many generations of family recipes and culinary secrets, they’re all made with Canadian-sourced ingredients.

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Award-Winning Sauces

Not only have Peggy’s sauces attracted a large and loyal following, but they’ve also paved the way for last year’s recognition by Bank of Montreal’s Female Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year award.

As for exactly what had motivated her to begin creating her Caribbean-inspired dishes for others to savour, Peggy said it had all started in her mother’s kitchen while growing up in Guyana. Her mom taught her to cook from as young as only 10, remembers the tenacious entrepreneur, while telling her to remember that the road to any man’s heart was through his stomach.

But even though Peggy had been the one to come up with the many traditional and wonderfully delicious dishes taught to her by her mother, she said it had been her daughter Rosina who had come up with the idea of sharing all that lovely with everybody else. And now that she’s agreed to bottle all of her best family favourites, it’s all resulted in yet another great business initiative for the long-time businesswoman.

Challenges Make Us Stronger

Peggy’s journey is one of determination and of never giving up – not even after she’d been forced to shut down the three fashion warehouses, she had previously owned in the GTA due to the aftermath of 9/11.

A poster-girl for the incredible tenacity of the human spirit, Peggy says the challenges she has had to face both in life as well as in business have only made her a stronger individual for it, and certainly one even more driven to keep on keeping on.

Rebecca Peggy – or Miss P – is the ultimate Canadian come-back kid.

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