Michael Hogan Recovering From Brain Injury

By Ben Hamill - September 28 2020

Michael Hogan Recovering From Brain Injury

Really tragic news recently revealed is that Canadian actor Michael Hogan is currently fighting hard to recover from a potentially life-altering brain injury sustained earlier this year in February.

According to the beloved actor’s wife Susan, her husband Michael, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Colonel Saul Tigh in the Battlestar Galactica series, on February 17 whilst participating in a Battlestar Galactica convention in Vancouver, fell and hit his head at a dinner. Initially unaware that he had hit his head hard enough to cause a massive brain bleed, he merely went to bed after the dinner - instead of seeking the desperately needed medical attention he badly required.

What ultimately became clear over time was that the fall had left Michael Hogan completely paralysed on his left side, suffering of memory loss and general impairment, and unable to swallow, his wife recently confirmed on Twitter, all of which saw the actor undergo emergency brain surgery the morning immediately following the evening of the fall.

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Support By Fellow-Actor, Friends

Fellow-actress and friend of the family Shari Ulrich has now launched a GoFundMe for Hogan and his family’s benefit – with the gaol being to help cover the mounting medical costs associated with the actor’s long-term care, his physiotherapy bills and other unforeseen and ongoing expenses. So far, Ulrich has managed to raise more than $140,000 in support of the actor’s medical care.

According to wife Susan, what had made getting the right kind of treatment to Hogan even more difficult a challenge had been shortages in critical care resources and his family’s inability to visit the actor during times of forced separation. The sheer agony of being separated from her husband is something Susan Hogan says she’s yet to be able to put into words and describe to anyone.

Future Work Seems Unlikely

Hogan has according to Ulrich made at least some recovery as far as his ability to speak is concerned, with this now described as largely coherent. He however still cannot stand and has to make permanent use of a feeding tube for nutrition and sustenance. Ulrich said though hard as it may be to fathom, it’s probably fair to expect that Michael Hogan will not be in a position to act again.

The Battlestar actor and wife Susan currently reside on Bowen Island, British Columbia. Michael and Susan Hogan have four children together. They met while training together at the National Theatre School of Canada.

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