Meghan Markle On Challenging The Norm

By Ben Hamill - July 19 2020

Meghan Markle On Challenging The Norm

No longer on a palace-controlled royal leash, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and wife of Prince Harry, was able to add a touch of challenge to her first speech since the couple’s royal divorce from Buckingham Palace.

Markle during her Girl Up’s Leadership Summit speech on Thursday called powerful institutions on the habit of tying individuals down to established norms simply because of those norms being the steadfast and traditional way in which things have always been done. The Duchess spoke with a free and completely new authority on the importance of young and politically active women being unafraid to the point of challenging powerful establishments and the people who run those establishments.

Young women are to make those in power uncomfortable in their traditional norms, insisted a clearly liberated Markle. Establishments depend more on individuals than the other way around, the Duchess told her young and impressionable audience.

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Tribute To Ardern, Moore

In her speech Markle made reference to powerful female world leaders like New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The Duchess praised Ardern for her efforts in tacking the global health crisis with a determined resolve and said that Ardern’s success in saving the lives of her countrymen- and women was rooted in her ability to act decisively, boldly, and most importantly, swiftly.

She also made mention of Women’s National Basketball player Maya Moore. The NBA star had sat out for an entire season in protest of a black man wrongfully accused and sentenced to a crime he clearly had not committed. Jonathan Irons, who had spent 23 years behind bars serving time on behalf of someone else, was eventually acquitted of all wrongdoing earlier this year in March.

Speaking Up Is Always Right

Markle all throughout her speech returned to a single central theme, being that of challenging those in power, and in particular, challenging those who abuse the privileges of their positions. The Duchess focused on how women have historically been silenced whenever they dared raise an opinion too liberated or too challenging.

The time for changing all of that has arrived, Markle told her eager listeners. Women – and especially young and upcoming women in politics and other positions of influence – are to keep challenging the establishments; keep challenging those norms that have historically robbed women of their voice and of their power as active members and decisionmakers in society.

Having previously struggled with what to say to her audience, said Markle during her address, she eventually reached the conclusion that the only wrong thing to say about those issues that truly matter, would be to not say anything at all.

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