How You Can Beat The Winter Blues

By Ben Hamill - January 27, 2020

How You Can Beat The Winter Blues

Fighting off the general low mood and varying degrees of lethargy during the cold winter months can be a dreary affair indeed. The winter blues isn’t anything uncommon and according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, at least 15% of Canadians have in fact reported a condition coined “winter blues”; a state of being not to be confused with seasonal affective disorder.

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Feeling a bit blue during the month of January is normal considering the general lack of sunlight. This often causes the body’s levels of serotonin to plummet, which in turn leaves us feeling low on energy, glee, and even appetite. We’re not full-on miserable, but we aren’t exactly our usual chirpy selves either.

The good news is that there are ways in which we are able to boost our general demeanour during the chilly months of the year and these really are worth giving a go.

Nature Is Our Friend

Our first line of defense, according to Carley Nadine, who is a certified nutritionist living and working in Toronto, should always be to hunt down a breath of fresh air. Being outside in nature not only improves our emotional state of well-being, but its also well-known to physically reduce the body’s tendency towards producing the stress-hormone called cortisol, lower the rate at which our heart beats, and even relieves muscle tension.

And what better way to make happen a welcome energy boost than by getting a bit of exercise? It may not be all that pleasant to be trudging around outside in the cold in general but given the correct attire and a fun winter activity or two, and winter may just end up becoming your friend after all.

Remember To Spice It Up

Spicing up your favourite drink helps too, according to holistic nutritionist Sofia da Silva. Whether you prefer coffee or cider or hot chocolate even, adding a spice like ginger or turmeric or cinnamon into the mix can do wonders for beating the winter blues. Many spices even improve blood circulation, says da Silva, not to mention even that a comforting aroma can lower blood pressure and relax body and mind.

And don’t forget about good old rosemary. Adding rosemary to soups and stews is a real magic potion when it comes down to calming the nerves and relieving tension in general. And besides, it smells a whole lot like home.

And so, whilst heading into the cooler winter months may not be optional, succumbing to the blues definitely is.

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