Verley Calls Out Nyx Dream Catcher Video

By Ben Hamill - October 20 2020

NYX Cosmetics

The message from Canada’s Drag Race queen Ilona Verley is clear; Indigenous cultures aren’t costumes and should be respected as such. Verley and several others were recently seen calling out Nyx Professional Makeup for cultural insensitivity displayed in a Halloween makeup tutorial posted on Instagram. 

The online tutorial video, which has since been deleted from the platform, featured TikTok influencer Emmy Combs. In the controversial video, Combs could be seen creating a patterned makeup effect to the side of her forehead by brushing what looked like eyeshadow or a type of blush against a dream catcher.

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Disrespecting Of Entire Culture

It did not take very long for the video to start generating outrage directed at Combs and how she was disrespecting Indigenous cultures by featuring a dream catcher in such a haphazard and flippant sort of way – especially from an Indigenous and cultural point of view. One Twitter user even berated her for having disrespected an entire culture for a cheap makeup trick.

Dream catchers produced at commercial levels and pawned off commercially have become accepted as suitable for some occasions and uses, but handmade dream catchers, such as the one featured in the video, are viewed having deep spiritual significance by numerous Indigenous cultures.

Though the video has since the backlash on social media been removed from the public domain, Combs has not yet has issued any sort of explanation or apology. Notable too is that this will not have been the first time Nyx Cosmetics has been blasted for its treatment of Indigenous peoples and their cultural institutions and symbols. A branch of the company trading under parent holding company L’Oréal Canada recently came under fire for having trained their employees to collect personal details of Indigenous shoppers showing their status cards.

The initial training document, which has since been amended, referred to First Nations customers by a racially and culturally offensive term.

Verley Drew The Apology

Verley was but one of many online users demanding an apology and explanation from the makeup and beauty company. And yet, within only hours of a tweet posted by the Canada’s Drag Race contestant to Nyx’s official Twitter account, the company responded with an apology directed at anyone who felt disrespected by the content contained in the controversial video featuring Combs.

But the company’s apology isn’t good enough, said Verley in response to the seemingly quick-fired sorry. Verley said that especially since this was the year 2020, the making cheap of a cultural item so near Halloween made her sick to her stomach.

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