Canadians To Enjoy A Longer Fall This Year

By Ben Hamill - September 16 2020

Canadians To Enjoy A Longer Fall This Year

Prominent weather forecasting service The Weather Network predicts that this year, Canadians can look forward to a lengthy fall – with winter and storms expected to come knocking significantly later than usual.

The forecast obviously holds much promise for Canadians hoping to make the most of enjoying the great outdoors for a couple more months, said chief meteorologist Chris Scott at the time of the prediction. The weather service expects a cross-country savoured fall, along with a finish long on the approach, added Scott, which of course means some relief when compared to last year’s early-arrived winter storms and low temperatures.

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Rockies And Surrounds

British Columbia, said Scott, can expect to see a few more warm weeks – with the accompanying threat of wildfire smoke obviously remaining at play. October and November are however likely to usher in wet and cooler weather conditions – both of which bode well in terms of an early ski season in mountainous coastal areas of the country.

October’s wetter and cooler weather is according to the weather service very likely to, before too much time has passed, spread across the Rockies – and early on in the month too - as far as initial indications go. The October-spread across the Rockies is furthermore likely to result in increased levels of rainfall, sleet, and even snow across southern Alberta and southwest Saskatchewan.

What’s more, explained the weather expert, even though snow has already started putting in a notable appearance in typically unpredictable Alberta, current weather patterns still don’t indicate a fall likely to launch right into winter at the end of October / early November. Seasonal averages, said Scott, seem far more likely.

Not A Warm Fall – But Pleasant

Scott did however stress that the forecast should not be misread so as to indicate a warm fall. Instead, current weather patterns bode well for a late start to winter and frosty conditions across the Prairies.

Good news for those living in Ontario and Quebec is that the arrival of cooler temperatures early on in September doesn’t necessarily mean cooler or winter temperatures for the remainder of the month also. Even October, said Scott, is fast shaping up to bode well for outdoor education or simply enjoying time spent out of the home. Ontario and southern Quebec temperatures will according to the meteorologist remain well above average for most of the fall of 2020.

Tropical storms currently developing from the direction of the south will have to be monitored before a guess is wagered regarding whether or not they will be ensuring increased rainfall across New Brunswick, Labrador, and certain parts of eastern Quebec, explained the weatherman. And as for the most northern parts of the country, snow and rainfall are expected remain fairly consistent with previous years.

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