Local Cities Rank In Top 20 For Work-Life Balance

By Ben Hamill - June 04 2021

Local Cities Rank In Top 20 For Work-Life Balance

Out of 50 cities ranked for helping their residents achieve the best work-life balance globally, four of them are Canadian. According to a new index released by Kisi, a US-based tech firm, Ottawa ranked sixth, Vancouver ranked eighth, Calgary ranked thirteenth and Toronto followed right behind it in the fourteenth spot. These rankings were based on a number of different factors, including the number of vacation days given, the city’s measure of liveability, the option for remote working, access to mental health care and any economic support given to residents as a result of the global health crisis.

In comparison to the aforementioned Canadian cities, Salt Lake City, Portland, Seattle, Denver and Boston, all American cities, ranked outside of the top 20.

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The Challenges Facing Workers

On the other hand, Toronto managed to also make its way onto the list of most overworked cities. It ranked in the thirteenth spot, following the likes of Kuala Lumpur and London. Toronto’s place on this list is likely a result of it being bigger and more densely populated, which makes it more challenging, stressful and time-consuming to commute to and from work compared to other cities.

The global workforce has been facing a number of challenges over the past year and a half as a result of the global health crisis, which has seen many companies encourage employees to avoid the office space and instead work from home. Unfortunately for millions of overworked employees across the globe, this has resulted in blurred lines between professional and personal lives. One of the biggest challenges facing the workforce now is the danger of slipping into an unhealthy balance between what can be defined as “working” hours and what can be defined as “home” problems.

Canada Drives Access To Mental Health Help

A recent poll found that as the health crisis continues, increasing numbers of Canadians are experiencing issues with their mental health. By and large, Canadian workers have more access to help than workers in other parts of the world do.

The rankings of this study serve as proof of the overall well-being for workers within each particular city. Canadian employers and businesses have worked really hard to provide their employees with adequate support and programs free of charge. Staff can access these voluntarily and confidentially. Ottawa in particular is leading the pack in this regard, offering increased training and communication to its employees.

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