Lego Unveils New Everyone Is Awesome Set

By Ben Hamill - May 21 2021

Lego Unveils New Everyone Is Awesome Set

Lego has become the playground not only of young brick-building fans, but also of adults interested in living their creativity in new ways. Fans can build everything from castles to entire cities – complete with moving parts and working lights - given the right set of bricks. And from June, they’ll also be able to celebrate inclusion and diversity with the release of the company’s first-ever LGBTQ2S+-themed set, titled “Everyone Is Awesome”.

Lego announced the upcoming release of the new set on Thursday, saying the 346-piece set, complete with 11 figures each assigned a different colour of the rainbow, draws its inspiration from the signature rainbow pride flag.

The latest new Lego set will hit the markets at the beginning of June, which is of course Pride Month.

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Teaching Children About Love

Designed for Lego by Matthew Ashton, the set symbolises inclusivity. It celebrates everyone, regardless of how they identify gender-wise or who they love, said Ashton in Thursday’s statement.

While Lego has fans of all ages, the company’s bricks and models have become loved by especially children in households all over the world. The hope is that having toys that are LGBTQ2S+-inspired will teach children already from a young age that they are loved and expected outside the borders of gender and identity, explains Joe Nellist, who is from the UK’s LGBT Foundation.

Nellist points out that the result of growing up in a world that has traditionally taught that there must be something “wrong” with anyone not conforming to what used to be the norm of male and female, can lead to a person already from a very young age developing a sense of shame. And that this is something now recognised as potentially having a life-long impact on physical as well as mental health and well-being.

Celebrating Life & Inclusivity

In addition to the vision for un-shaming the previously shamed, Ashton said the set is also intended to be a celebration of the LGBTQ2S+ community within the company itself, and among Lego’s many adult fans.

Ashton said he’s proud to be a part of that community of colleagues and fans, and of the compassion, pride, and support present in such an inclusive environment. Its all about sharing a love for self-expression and creativity through Lego bricks, he explained, and most of all, a way to show his appreciation for all the acceptance, love and creative inspiration shared.

The “Everyone Is Awesome” model comes at a time during which the larger toy industry has started to take more extensive steps towards making iconic children’s toys and products more inclusive for everyone.

Toymaker Mattel in 2020 released a new Barbie-doll range which included a doll with the skin condition vitiligo as well as a doll with no hair. And a year before that, they also produced a doll line called “Creatable World”, which features gender-neutral and gender-inclusive Barbie dolls and other toys.

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