Frozen Star Kristen Bell Talks Parenting

By Ben Hamill - May 16 2020

Frozen Star Kristen Bell Talks Parenting

During a recent instalment of her web series “#Momsplaining With Kristen Bell” Frozen star Kristen Bell got up close and real personal with the issue of double standards in parenting. A question particularly perplexing appears to be that of why husband Dax Shepard has in all likelihood never been asked about his experience around finding a balance between parenting and work. This, along with why men’s restrooms do not make provision for diaper changing tables, are two of the main issues raised by the mother of two. The couple have two daughters; Delta, who is 5, and Lincoln, 7.

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Kristen in this particular episode points out that even though there are some things men can do that women cannot, it’s also true that there are many things women can do that men aren’t able to. Kristen hits this one rather poignantly home in a clip broadcast from inside a men’s restroom, saying that it appears from the looks of “this room, the men’s room” that changing a baby’s diaper isn’t something a man can, or is even supposed to, do.

The Dad/Mom Disparity

This, along with so many other disparity-emphasising questions, ties in directly with the fact that most women aren’t at liberty to stick to being a mom only – in fact, many women prefer living lives that include things such as job satisfaction, which is but a single example of how things have changed since three or four decades ago. And the fact that Kristen asks why husband Dax is never asked how he balances being a dad with being a working dad is a perfectly reasonable and certainly valid question.

The actress had in fact raised a question that has been hovering in the back of many a working mother’s mind – whether consciously realised or not. Women – who are also in particular mothers - having to multi-task to the point of burning out is no longer an issue that can merely be overlooked and regarded as “passable”. We’re quite frankly by now supposed to be evolved beyond that type of reasoning.

No Time Like The Present

The fact that a significant number of Canadians are now working from home makes of the present the ideal time to be asking questions relating to double standards such as those raised by Kristen. Exactly how involved are dads in doing the “dirty work” now that they too have a great deal more time at their disposal? Is this a topic even up for discussion in most homes?

The message is clear. We’ve been fast-tracked into the future by an unexpected and invisible enemy. What we do next will determine what reality will look like on the other side of the crisis.

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