How Kanye West Shortened His Presidency Odds

By Ben Hamill - July 07 2020

How Kanye West Shortened His Presidency Odds

The same guy who in 2018 sent the internet into a fit of rage and confusion when he tweeted a call for the abolishment of the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, has just made known his intention of running for president. In his defense, he did later renege on his initial statement, saying that what he had actually meant to say was “amend”, and not “abolish”.

The real scary bit is of course that the “guy” is Kanye West and the law he was referring to at the time is the same law that outlaws slavery. Also, this is the guy who on the 4th of July announced that he would be seeking the presidency not only in 2024 as initially proposed, but already in 2020.

But Mr. Kim Kardashian West’s odds of occupying Number 1’s seat in the White House might not be quite as long as you’d think. His odds of dethroning his pal Donald Trump certainly aren’t.

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A Yes From Musk, Cuban

The 43-year-old rapper and husband to reality television star Kim Kardashian on Independence Day tweeted that he was now ready to lift US President Donald Trump from the president’s seat, as well as prevent Democrat Joe Biden from being voted in. Said Kanye, the time had come to realise the American dream and promise by trusting God and building a new future. Billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Cuban tweeted their respective support shortly after.

Since for the moment US legal sportsbooks remain banned from offering and accepting bets wagered on political outcomes, the world immediately turned its attention to UK bookies for an indication of what the people thought of a US President Kanye O. West.

Hint: the people don’t exactly hate the idea.

Probably Not This Year, Kanye

For one, West’s tweet almost immediately altered his perceived odds of becoming America’s 46th president from 500/1 right down to 50/1. In fact, since his big Twitter reveal, at least 61% of all bets placed have been in favour of Kanye West. Powerful stuff.

But the real ‘thing’ to be focusing on here is that when the rapper first began praising his pal Trump in public in April of 2018, only 9% of black Americans and 13% of Democrats indicated an opinion in favour of West. Compare this to the 20% of whites and 34% of Republicans assuming the same stance, and you’ve got yourself a situation of Trump being more likely to be hurt by a rapper-for-president than what would be rival Joe Biden, which seems to be the general presumption.

But while West’s odds at the bookies are steadily improving, political commentators say it’s (at least practically) nearly impossible for the rapper to win this year’s race for the White House. He’s already missed the ballot-bus for Indiana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Maine, and is fast running out of time for Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, and Oklahoma too.

That’s at least four more years playing with the Kardashians for the next president of the United States, then.

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