The Smiths And The Rules Of Entanglement

By Ben Hamill - July 15 2020

The Smiths And The Rules Of Entanglement

Anyone with even the subtlest of a social media presence over the past couple of days is bound to by now be familiar with the term (albeit not necessarily the exact meaning of) entanglement. Courtesy of course of the latest Will-and-Jada celebrity relationship drama.

Rumoured to be in an open marriage ever since Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith referred to their marriage as such in not-so-many-words back in 2018, the pair are now privy to a brand-new marital drama resulting from Jada’s involvement (she says “entanglement”) with R&B star August Alsina.

It also happens to be the type of drama the Smiths deemed appropriate for public discussion at a recent Red Table Talk. So much for not airing one’s dirty laundry on Facebook.

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Alsina Spills The Beans

It all started with a recent interview during which R&B star August Alsina (27) confirmed that not only had he and Will’s wife Jada had a relationship, but that he (Alsina) had for “years of his life” given himself completely to that relationship. He truly and deeply loved Jada, Alsina told radio reporter Angela Yee.

But love and especially relationship are apparently relative terms to the amicable Mrs. Smith, who during the aforementioned Facebook let’s-put-it-all-to-table event, referred to her involvement with the musician not as a years-long romantic relationship, but instead, as an “entanglement”.

What stirred the unholy stewpot even further was Alsina’s apparently brazen statement that neither he nor Jada had done anything wrong or out of the ordinary because according to the musician, he had had husband Will Smith’s blessing all along.

She Was In Pain For A Long Time

Enter Jada’s Facebook Watch Red Table Talk show, during which Mrs. Smith explained that the celebrity couple’s marriage had been over at the time of the relationship between herself and Alsina. To state the obvious: Mr. Smith was not amused. Prodding his wife about the meaning of entanglement by substituting the meaning with a relationship (emphasis on “relationship”), Will got not much more of an explanation out of his wife than her referring to how broken and in how much pain she had been. For years, if Alsina is to be believed.

From the ensuing internet reaction, it soon became clear that the only person completely clear on the exact meaning of entanglement had been Jada herself. To Alsina, entanglement obviously meant love, and to the rest of the internet (including husband Will Smith), it means relationship. Affair. Fling.

Now back together, the celebrity pair seem content with doing whatever it is that they’ve been doing for years now. They trust each other, after all.

Entanglements and all that included.

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